Larisa — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 Over the sea expanse there stands great Divine Larisa near Her Divine Teacher Konstantinos. Larisa dissolves us in Her subtle joy. Here we can easily attune with Divine Bliss — and learn to live in this state.

Over the sea expanse there stands great Divine Larisa near Her Divine Teacher Konstantinos. Larisa dissolves us in Her subtle joy. Here we can easily attune with Divine Bliss — and learn to live in this state.

Close to the Mahadouble of Konstantinos — there stands a giant Mahadouble of His Divine Disciple Larisa.

“Tell us please about Yourself, Larisa!”

“Let Me tell you about Konstantinos — what I know about Him!

“Konstantinos was one of those disciples of Pythagoras who — before the destruction of His School in Croton — went to different towns at the request of the Teacher — to found there branches of the School, which could become sources of Truth and Wisdom for a large number of people.

“Konstantinos began here, on this new place, the work done by Pythagoras. He kindled here a new Fire of Love — by telling people about the Wisdom of the Creator of the universe, about the life of the Whole, about Pythagoras.

“Many people came to listen to Him, asked questions. Those who came not only out of vain curiosity remained with Him. I was among His first disciples.

“I listened to Him with the open eyes of the soul — and great love arose in My heart — love for Him and for everything that He manifested with Himself, for the knowledge which He shared! Also the meaning of human life became clear to Me!

“Konstantinos asked those living in wealth to contribute to the foundation of the School: anything they could. I was ready to give everything I had. Thus My house on the seashore became the first building of the School.

“Many of the noble citizens gave gold and men for construction. One of the Konstantinos’ conditions was that all slaves who wanted to work on the construction and were sent for this work by their masters had to be released from slavery and to receive the status of free citizens. And people gave their slaves and valuables, and the School grew!

“The School had, in particular, classes for education of children. It was quite unusual — and this made the School desirable to local nobility; also this ensured the support of the authorities.

“Once per week Konstantinos delivered public lectures for everyone interested. Many people came even from far lands, sailed over the sea — those who wanted to know about the Teachings of great Pythagoras.

“Konstantinos and we, His disciples, spent every morning in meditation, then had breakfast and began to work on constructing the buildings of the School.

“The harmony of life, which was the basis of the School, made our life and work so elevated and wonderful that people who remained in the School did not seek a better lot and a better destiny!

“With time, the lectures of Konstantinos were supplemented with the performance of some disciples who developed capabilities of the soul which could be expressed in music, dance, declamation. This attracted even more people. The School grew and developed!”

“Larisa! Tell us please a little about Yourself!”

“It was easy to learn when you were burning with love for Him Who manifests God on the Earth! A soul burning with such love grows and develops very easily!

“With the help of meditative methods taught by Konstantinos, the spiritual hearts of the disciples grew and expanded! We learned to flood with the spiritual heart over the expanse of the sea! The fire of cordial love grew larger — and embraced all lives, all the beautiful! Shining with love, the souls approached the threshold of the Divine!

“We learned also to control our emotions: to live always in the state of love!

“Then we learned to be a Flow of Light, similar to ‘solar wind’, streaming over the expanse of the sea and blowing ‘the canvases of the souls’!

“Then we dissolved ourselves so that every drop of myself-Light merged with the Light of those Divine Consciousnesses which you call the Holy Spirit or Brahman. And one could disappear in Mergence with Them — and exist only as Light!

“In this United Light we could feel ourselves giant, living, and free from the body!

“I learned to be a Soul-Light — with a real face, with smiling lips, with eyes radiating Love and Light, with gentle hands caressing everything! With the tips of My fingers I could touch bodies of incarnate people — to heal them, to caress!

“With My fiery heart I aspired to the Creator of everything — and learned to live with His Living Fire of Love!

“Konstantinos, Pythagoras, and Adler guided Me! And now I — together with Them — from the Eternal Oneness — shine at the Creation with the Light of Divine Love!

“… I may add that I became the wife of Konstantinos.”

“Tell us please how did You and Konstantinos end these earthy incarnations of Yours?”

“Both Konstantinos and I dissolved everything earthy in Ourselves, including Our materials bodies — fully, completely! Konstantinos achieved this state several years earlier than I.

“Later I had another husband — one of the promising disciples of Konstantinos. He was much younger than I.

“He did not manage to achieve Divinity in that life…

“Now he is embodied — again in this land. You have met him. He has a remarkable anahata! This time he is embodied in a female body. His name now is the same as Mine!

“I look after him. And I ask you to help him once he becomes mature!

“… One achieves full Freedom only thanks to unceasing work on transformation of oneself as a soul!

“… In ‘usual’ conditions one learns the lessons of karma in many corporeal incarnations, where — by going through pain and trials — the soul ripens and transforms, acquiring this experience slowly, painfully, with difficulty.

“But meditative work — if organized correctly and combined with ethical self-correction — allows one to go through this transformational stage of growth much more harmoniously and quickly! This was taught by Pythagoras and Konstantinos. And all true esoteric Schools of Soul are based on the same principles!

“But no meditative ‘techniques’, even well-mastered, can allow the soul to infuse into the Ocean of the Creator if there remain states of the consciousness not identical to Him! Until one gets rid of these ‘shadows of the past’, that is of non-Divine qualities and states — the soul cannot achieve the final Mergence!

“In particular, there can be some qualities of the soul which have been useful for its growth but have to be discarded now — when the stage of human life has to be replaced with the stage of Divine Life!

“The Creator lets enter Himself only those who are identical to Him!

“Therefore, one of the tasks of a spiritual Teacher consists in finding such qualities in the disciples and helping them to become aware of these qualities. And the task of the disciples is to direct all their efforts to final transformation of themselves and to Mergence!

“… One has to create Schools on the Earth — according to the principles established by Pythagoras!

“I want very much to explain to embodied people that if you strike indignantly again and again with your hand against a sharp stone that wounded you — trying to revenge this wound — you bring only new suffering to yourself!

“While the principles of living in harmony with the Whole are very simple:

“— Cordial love!

“— Calmness of the mind and inner quietness!

“— Benevolence towards everyone and doing good to all the living — in deeds, emotions, and thoughts!

“— Gratitude to the Creator for all His lessons!

“The one who manages to keep to these principles in life — advances significantly to that quality which God wants to see in all people!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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