Boris — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 One can see a Mahadouble of Boris over the sea to the left.

One can see a Mahadouble of Boris over the sea to the left.

Over the sea, there stands a giant, kilometers in size, Mahadouble of a Divine Teacher unknown to us.

We merge with Him — over the sea.

And then — from Him, being Him — we can look at our bodies standing on the shore — and support them with the giant hands of the Divine Consciousness… Here one can also train oneself in being the ‘Sun of God’…

… Then this Teacher Himself comes to our bodies and fills them.

“We are glad to become acquainted with You! What is Your name?”

“Boris. It was My name in My last incarnation. First I was a fisherman, lived in this region, enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, expanded with the spiritual heart — in this expanse!…

“You know this meditation very well, so there is no need to explain it to you!

“Then I learned about the teachings of Leo Tolstoy and became a vegetarian. And then My former Teacher Pythagoras took Me again as His personal disciple. Thanks to Him, I became what you know Me now.”

“Please tell more about Yourself!”

“The sea! The sea taught Me in My last incarnation! The sea was My strict father and tender mother! The sea taught Me to work hard, taught Me to be disciplined and resolute, taught Me power and fearlessness!

“I lived at the seacoast. The life of fishermen depended completely on the sea!

“I was in love with the sea! I always wanted to sail far away, beyond the horizon — where there are new lands, kind people, and happy life… It was a child’s dream…

“The sea raised in Me the desire to learn: without learning one cannot become a captain of a ship! Thus God guided Me.

“I was a son of a fisherman, therefore the only education accessible to Me was studying in the parish school.

“Yet, I was lucky. A young priest, seeing My thirst for knowledge, decided to teach Me more than just reading and arithmetic. He did not have deep knowledge and erudition, but he had sincere love for God. It is his lessons that for the first time turned My attention to God.

“Of course, the aspiration for cognition of God came to Me later…

“I went to a big town with the purpose of enrolling at a naval college but failed to pass the entrance examination in this elite institution where they did not want to see sons of fishermen.

“Then I enrolled at free courses at university — and joined the student community, which was ‘boiling’ with various ideas of freedom. There I got acquainted with the diversity of spiritual searches and attended different esoteric groups.

“There I came to a group of the Tolstoyans — followers of Leo Tolstoy. The ideas of freedom of soul, the preaching of love and non-making evil were most close to Me.

“The main principles that I accepted for Myself were the following:

“— To direct the attention of the soul to seeking God, to everlasting values, to the Eternal.

“— To live here and now, that is not dreaming about the future and not grieving about the past; also — to accept everything coming to Me as that which must happen.

“— To try to walk evenly the life path.

“— To cause harm to no one.

“— To treat everyone whom I meet on My life path — with love, without attachments, with respect and care, without violence.

“— To stay in great simplicity in everything — in the way of life, in solving problems, in being satisfied with little in the ‘outer’ — and with much in the inner world.

“… Fulfilling the principle of Good and of non-causing distress and disharmony to the outer world — this is how I tried to live!

“I went out of this town and began to live in solitude on the seacoast. I lived in harmony with everything around Me: with nature, with people…

“And on this background — God began to manifest Himself to Me!

“… Of course, I lived many past lives developing love — as a quality of the soul; otherwise all ideas of goodness would remain for Me just as something to talk about… In My past incarnations, I knew the Teachings of Pythagoras — and this time He continued My education!

“Learning directly from Him, I began to see Light inside My expanding spiritual heart. I began to hear directions of God. It is from this stage that My initiation into Buddhi Yoga began: the spiritual heart had to transform into a Temple containing the Love of the Creator!

“Thus — God living in My heart — became a cognized reality for Me!

“And you know well what happens then! It was with Me and with you!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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