Neptune — Divine Teachers about Themselves


“I am a disciple of Odin.

“Several times I was embodied in Scandinavia. I am not related to ancient Roman Neptune.

“Once I was lucky to be a seaman on the ship of Odin. Since that time He guided Me — incarnation after incarnation.

“My last incarnation was in 19th century.

“… Northern seas and lands are no less beautiful than southern ones!

“You know how one feels when the sails and the sea have become companions of the soul! Even if you come then to an ‘on-land’ incarnation — these sails like wings attract the soul to freedom and to expanse! They attract you to verses and songs about the sea, to stories about ships and captains…

“In the last incarnation I was born at the seaside: I was born to become a captain, and I became a captain of a clipper called ‘Master of the Sea’. Among sailors and captains I was called Neptune. This nickname, linking Me with My ship and with the oceans of the Earth, replaced My name…

“… Wait, don’t go away! I have not told you everything! I tell My story not for self-praise but for creating one more channel that moves people from the hustle and bustle of modern life — to spiritual journey of the soul to the Ocean of the Creator! Such a channel is opened by Everyone of Those who have cognized the Primordial Realm of Divine Existence.

“Everyone of Us wants to provide help to people more efficiently. And if Our names and stories are known — then it is much easier for incarnate people to establish contacts with Us.

“By the way, it was Me who showed to Vladimir the meditation Neptune many years ago. Later as well I was often with you trying to enrich you with My meditative skills and knowledge.

“Now I guide many yachtsmen, lovers of yacht racing, travelers.

“… In extreme situations, it becomes more apparent who the person is — that is a soul with all the qualities peculiar to it, not only the superficial layer of personality which is normally visible to others.

“Where there is only the ocean, the ship, and people on it — there many life values have significance different from the one on the land. In such conditions one can understand, for example, that a cup of freshwater can be much more valuable than gold; one can cognize the importance of true friendship, honesty, honor…

“The one who comes to sail among winds and sea elements has to conquer oneself first. This world is not for the weak!

“Protect and value those who travel together with you! Value each other! It is a great fortune when you have friends-companions on the great Path, when there are incarnate souls capable for understanding each other on the Path to the boundless Ocean of the Creator, when the entire crew lives together with God, in God, in unceasing service to Him!

“In My last earthy life I had no such fortune. I was alone in My spiritual search until Odin became again apparent for Me as really as We are apparent and perceivable for you now.

“That time I was the captain of one of the fastest clippers. Thanks to My power and largeness of the soul, I could to embrace the entire Earth! I felt Myself a master of the sea!

“I could also dissolve Myself in the lapping of sea waves… They who love the sea can understand Me… In these meditations there were only the sea and the expanse behind the horizon invisible to the regular eyesight.

“And our planet, which I could embrace with Myself in My long travels, seemed to Me a small island floating on the Ocean of Light… I could submerge into this Ocean with the help of the arms of the soul… You know how it happens.

“Let Me note that in the last incarnation of Mine, I did not remember in the beginning about the significance of the spiritual Path. Religion known to Me could not satisfy Me.

… Once I appeared on the land ‘in retirement’ from the sea and sails: My ship was destroyed by a winter hurricane. This extreme event helped Me recall Odin. And He — this time non-incarnate — took Me ‘on board’. And then the final cognition of higher depths and higher expanses began.

“The path of love is not always attractive to strong people! There are many who like to hate others or suppress others by power, who enjoy making others fear them! Possessing large power, such people seek to do evil… All they play their roles in this drama of life — and thus they help other evolving souls learn what is good and what is evil… But…

“It is very important that people know about the possibility of choosing their courses in life and about the consequences of the voyage that the soul makes during its incarnation in the world of matter!

“However one has to understand that the Path of growth of the soul on the stages of love and good is not as simple as it may seem. It has difficult obstacles, underwater reefs, storms…

“These obstacles are your struggle with yourself, with your own weaknesses and vices.

“It is a battle where a symbiosis of humbleness and steadfastness wins!

“One achieves victory in this battle thanks to the tenderness of the power!

“And the finish post is the Primordial Ocean of the Creator!

“The one who achieves it becomes dissolved in the Universal Oneness of Divine Souls — in the United We!

“And then such a Divine Soul can arise over the Earth, remaining in the state of unbreakable Unity with the Whole and manifesting the Primordial Consciousness for incarnate people!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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