Divine Finn — Divine Teachers about Themselves

 Here Divine Finn gives us as a possibility to attune with His Divine Joy and become It!

Here Divine Finn gives us as a possibility to attune with His Divine Joy and become It!

“I lived here, on this Finnish land, long before the Lutheran Church originated…”

… He shows the beauty of northern nature of that time:

There is a settlement near a lake. Flocks of geese and swans come down on the water of the lake; they float, reflecting in its calm surface… Finnish girls are on the shore… A quiet, measured, and harmonious life… Divine Finn shows Himself: light curly hair, blue eyes, tall, broad-shouldered, with strong and gentle arms He is raising a happy child; His svelte beautiful wife is rejoicing together with them…

“I was born and lived in love. I had a great strength and radiated calm joy.

“I built houses. Work always went well in My small team. In a certain sense, I was a hero for people around. They believed that in a house built by Me the family would have happiness and luck, prosperity and joy, and children would be born strong and healthy. I was called to build houses in the neighborhood and far away… I lived in love-joy, and everyone liked Me…

“But once everything changed. People wearing iron clothes, with spears, swords, and crosses came to our land.

“Our people did not have an army; we did not have warriors… Among others My wife and children were killed…

“I was not killed but taken captive and led to slavery to a land where people spoke a different language…

“I managed to escape, releasing many others. We went far away in the forest, but a chase, nevertheless, caught us. Almost everyone was killed: no one who resisted was left alive.

“The great strength of My body allowed Me to survive in spite of severe wounds…

“… A Great Teacher, Who lived secludedly on an island of a large lake, picked Me up. He healed Me for a long time…

“He was a follower of the Teachings of Odin, possessing the knowledge about the Great One. He was old and dreamed of finding a successor who would be able to comprehend all the knowledge He had.

“It was difficult for Him with Me… I did not want to listen about love and God; tears streamed from My eyes when I recalled what I saw… I was about to go and to die in order to release My people…

“But He promised to teach Me great power and to tell Me how I could help people.

“He said also that one can teach the mastery of possessing great power only to those who have become great love

“… And I began learning from Him, learning great love

“… I always loved our mother-Earth. I loved its forests and lakes, its expanses and tender beauty.

“But now the Great Teacher taught Me to love anew: not perceiving Myself as a material body anymore. Now I rose with the expanded consciousness above the surface of the Earth and felt My new arms filled with great power — the power of tender love. I also learned to submerge by this new body of the consciousness into the Light of the consciousness of the mother-Earth…

“The Great Teacher told Me about the Great One, about His laws, about the meaning of life, about how the Great One helps people through Those Who have become One with Him…

“And He led Me to the Great One.

“I cognized now that God is Happiness, Joy, Love!

“I realized that God is indeed One and only One for all people…

“My Great Teacher, having passed His knowledge to Me, fulfilled by this the last work of His earthy life and went to the Great One, detaching easily the last fibers of the Consciousness from the body…

“And I became a Teacher on the Finnish land.

“Old people, children, youth came to Me. I told them about what man should be, about Universal God — the Father of everything existing, and about His Great Love.

“I also gathered and taught those few who were able to cognize more…

“… Then I became One of Those Who supported from the non-incarnate state the ideas of the Reformation of the Church — the wave of Lutheranism. Indeed this faith, in contrast to the first wave of the perverted Christianity introduced by conquerors by violence, provided a foundation for growth of souls on the Finnish land.”

… Divine Finn embraces us with Himself. His distinctive feature is shining and flowing joy of Divine Love! The Flow of His Divine Power takes us up and lifts us above the earth. We expand with the consciousnesses over the winter forest in Mergence with His Purity and Joy. His gentle and strong arms caress and invite us to the Depths

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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