John the Baptist — Divine Teachers about Themselves

We were invited on a certain date to the forest place of power of Danish Lady.

Having come, we could not recognize Her… Her face could not be seen clearly, and the energy was Divine yet different from Hers…

Only after some time, we understood everything and began to laugh together with Her… It turned out that Divine John the Baptist also came and united with Her by the Consciousness!

“John, we waited for meeting with You! Tell, please, about Yourself. In Your incarnation at the time of Jesus were You Divine already?”

“Not exactly.

“I was very big by the size and strength of the consciousness, when I was proclaiming to Hebrews about the advent of Christ. I was a prophet: I could feel and hear God. But I could not say about Myself as Jesus did: ‘I and the Father are One.’

“Later I was embodied in Australia and was an owner and captain of a merchant sailing ship…”

… John shows the sea… and a sailing ship…

“You ask how did I develop Myself further? — I ‘blew the sails’…

“It was very good for My future spiritual growth to learn to ‘catch the wind’ by the sails…

“In the beginning I learned this when operating the sails of My ship. And later, in meditations I Myself became a ‘sail’, created a ‘sail’ of Myself. I was also the ‘wind’ which blew the sails…

“Do you remember how you mastered Pranava — Mergence with the Flow of the Holy Spirit, combining this with the meditation The Sail?

“In the same way I merged with Pranava: in the beginning with the horizontal Flow above the surface of the sea or land; then — with the Flow going at an angle from a subtler eon; and then I did the same almost vertically.

“In that way I became the Flow that comes from the Abode of the Creator.

“And when I left the body forever, the Creator took Me into Himself…

“This was My path, in brief. Today I continue My work from the non-incarnate state mostly in Australia and Oceania. This is My area. A lot of promising souls are embodied and grow there.

“Now you know everything about Me.”

“So, was it You Who taught us Pranava meditation?”

“No, it was not Me. But these methods are standard. They are a part of the ‘compulsory program’…”

“John, do You want to tell something to incarnate people through us?”


“I see the true Christianity in you: the Christianity which accords with the Teachings of Jesus Christ given by Him then and with His present opinion.

“But why are the faces of so many people beginning to look mourning when they hear the name Jesus. This must be changed! Jesus is neither an icon nor a statuette! He is a Living Divine Joy!

“I do not like pursed lips, cold eyes, and austere faces of parishioners in temples! It is painful for Me when with the name of Jesus people kill, burn, beat, when under this holy name they defile the sexual love, which allows people to give one another the highest manifestations of tenderness

“They say: ‘God suffered, and you, too, have to suffer!’ No! God is not suffering! God is Love! His essence is joy and bliss! And you have to create exultation of love and joy in yourselves! Let your hearts become filled with joyful and tender calm when you say the name Jesus!

“Jesus does not come to churches where there are gloomy faces and lackluster eyes. He is with those whose hearts are kindled with love when they hear His name.”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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