Jesus Christ — Divine Teachers about Themselves

Jesus Christ

“I am equal among All Who constitute the Essence of the Father. There are no ‘less equal’ and ‘more equal’ among Us, because We All are One!

“And, as anyone of Us, I represent the Father, independent of by what Name He is called.

“Unfortunately, so few people understand this! This is why there are so many evolutionary ‘recoils’, tragedies of individual souls and whole nations! This is why the evolutionary perspective of the planet Earth is so low now!”

* * *

… When I said the name Jesus, the sun began to shine through the clouds of the cold gray day… He came and filled the room with the Light of the Divine Consciousness…

“Why are you afraid of speaking on behalf of My Name? Am I worse than Others?”

“I am afraid of making harm by inaccuracy of my perception… Because so much is written and said about You already… Do we need more?”

“Why are you not afraid of speaking with Others? You do know Me! And why do you think that those who wrote about Me two thousand years ago knew Me better? Look, I am here with you now!

“It is about this that I want to speak! I would like to say this to people who love Me, seek Me, but for some reason dare not appeal to Me directly! I want to change the situation where ‘Jesus’ is an icon for ‘praying’, where only the Bible can speak about Me, despite the fact that it was changed and interpreted by people…

“I am Living! I am here, in your room! And at the same time, I can be with many of My people, because I am omnipresent! Because I and the Father are One!

“I would like to give this possibility to communicate with Me — to all who love Me, to all who seek Me!

“I want to speak now, with your help, about the reality of Jesus for everyone!

“Let every person, who is reading these words, experience Me standing now behind him or her, and with love ask Me to enter his or her heart — the spiritual heart…

“I will be with everyone now — with everyone who wants this!

“The Light and Love of the Father come with Me into you!

“This is yours by the right of the children of our Heavenly Father!

“If you want, I will come always, always when you call Me into your heart!

You will learn to recognize Me!

You will learn to see Me!

You will learn to hear Me!

“I will be helping you!

“I will teach you the laws of God, the laws of Love!

“I am always ready to be with you!

“I am near! I am ready to be in your spiritual heart! I am as real now as I was real when I spoke to Paul!

“If the Light of Love is burning in your heart, then I am already in you!

“Give this Light to people!

“I have repeated this many times through prophets! I came to the Earth for this purpose, so that My and My Father’s Love may dwell in your heart!

“You ask how you can know that this is true, that I am actually now with you? Look: I am answering your question… And it will be so always if you want this! I will come, I will help, I will answer your questions, because I love you!

“It is for this purpose that I was on the Earth 2000 years ago! It is for this purpose that now I am here! I would like to show once again the Path to the Abode of Our Heavenly Father — your and My Father! Love is the Path to the Father!

“You can begin right now to learn Love! Experience how My Love and your love strive to shine for all from your heart — to those who know Me and those who do not!

“Do you know by what you are different from Me now? I am just bigger: My Heart is the whole Ocean of the Father giving Love. While you just learn to do this.

“I love you! And what about you?

“Yes?! It means you did it! But do not be proud: you will have to do much more!”

* * *

We are in the winter forest. Everything is filled with quietness. The morning begins. Soon from the horizon the sun will appear. But now the light is just embracing the white trunks of birches and is sinking in the verdure of spruces. Mist from the melting snow covers the sleeping earth with a soft coverlet… Everything is sleeping… Calm and silence…

I enter the place of power where Jesus is always present. Here His Light fills a clearing. This Light, like sunlight, is the Light of Jesus’ Love. It is felt by birches and spruces growing here: they differ from the trees which stand around by their particular beauty and power.

A hare perplexed by my coming leaves this place with great reluctance, looking back at me discontentedly. It slept so cozily in the Love of Jesus…

… In contrast to almost all people, many animals feel very well the Holy

… Jesus… He approaches with His Face to me…

… The majority of people are used to believing that one can communicate with Jesus only in temples… But He is omnipresent!

And there are special natural places — the places of power, holy places — where this can be done especially easily. Here one can perceive words of Jesus, merge with Him by the consciousness, dissolve in Him in the easiest way…

… The meditation is “There is no me, only Jesus is”…

Now Jesus begins speaking:

“Try to experience how many souls I hold on My hands on all the continents of the Earth, how many people call Me: ‘Lord Jesus, come to us!’ This is My ‘field’ on which I work. This is the ‘field’ which I sowed, and now there is a multitude of souls devoted to Me.

“… The climate on the Earth is inhospitable now. I am glad that in the silence of your northern forests there grows one of the Branches of My Love — your School, which is My School as well! Hesychia and love filling the spiritual hearts are the base of the Straight Path to the Father! This is what you can give to the world from Me! Do this for Me, do this for the Heavenly Father!

“One has to unite people in their love for the Father! One has to explain to them that not new Pharisees but Living God — our Loving Heavenly Father — helps everyone who directs the eyes of the soul to Him!

“Love transfigures souls! Transfiguration and purification of souls in love allow the Light of God to warm and consecrate the life of such people!

“Create love on the Earth!

“All the Earth is open for you! Tell everywhere about Me and the Father!

“Spiritual hearts living in freedom — this defines one’s success on the spiritual Path! Let people’s hearts not be constrained by anything! Where are there such conditions? — in the forest in nature!

“Accept on yourselves the mission of spreading the true knowledge about God, about Me! You are My apostles! And you have to transform yourselves from the state of apostles — into the state of Messiahs! This can be realized only through service. Realization of Missions from Me can turn man into Me!

“All countries have to begin to speak the language of the new knowledge about God and about the meaning of life! I invite everyone to participate in this work! This requires, first of all, that one overcomes one’s own inertia.

“… You know that the main meaning of the word religion is Mergence! To walk the religious Path means to direct all the strength of the soul to achieving this Mergence.

“It is the Yoga that Krishna taught about! It is the Yoga taught by Me: ‘Love your Lord with all the heart, with all the soul!…’.

“The fullness of love for Me is Mergence with Me!

“If you love Me, you forget about yourself and do everything only for Me, and then only from within Me.

“‘To dissolve in Love…’, ‘to abandon the I’ — and then there remain no personal, egoistic interests!

“What prevents one from doing this? The vices of the soul! They are like dark spots, dark contaminations that do not allow man to dissolve completely. They are like ‘hooks’ that attach man to the earthly…

“… I want to tell also about love…

“Some believe that love is only meditations…

“In reality, love has very many aspects!

“I, too, am Love!

“And one of the most important manifestations of love is to care about others. Only they who truly care about Me, that is about My souls* — only they are worthy of Me! Living by others’ interests, they forget about themselves. And only such a self-forgetting soul is needed by Me: I let in only such souls!

“By forgetting about yourself, you gain Me!

“To care means to realize the interests of others: what do they need, what is most favorable for them from the standpoint of the Evolution of God.

“Serve Me! — as I served in the past, as I do it now!

“The one who refuses to serve Me is not worthy of Me!

“The one who is not worthy of Me cannot live in Me!

“Learn to be — for all — only Pure Light, only Love!

“Love means care, forgiveness, respect, devotion…

“Develop in yourselves the missing qualities; I need not only meditation in you!

“Hold My souls in your hands and under their weight submerge into Me!

“… Yes, it is not easy to learn to be Divine Love! One has to have power to realize the Will of the Father. And it is in service to the Father that one’s heart grows and the arms of the heart become stronger!

“As a fire becomes brighter, even so the Love of God — with your efforts — can be ignited in many hearts!

“Your fire has been built already, and the Divine Flame burns in your hearts. Yet if you do not support it with your service, it will fade.

“Kindle new hearts with the flame of Divine Love! Use every chance for this purpose, because there may be no more chances!

“One has to bring to people the truth about their Father! The wave of new knowledge about God has to go throughout the planet and fill human souls! And where there are Lord’s seeds in human souls — there will be sprouts!

“Let all other life purposes disappear for you; let only I remain for you!

“The Totality of My Beingness — everyone who strives to become Me has to master it! With the feeling of My Grandiosity one has to perform actions! You must act not as an ordinary person but as a consciousness coessential to Me! If you embrace the entire Earth with yourself, if you feel yourself coessential to the Consciousness of the Creator, if you feel that you bring to people of the Earth the truth from the Father — you cannot become faint-hearted before any task on the Earth!

“Look at your service from within Me! Approach this task from My Greatness! And then all the indecisiveness and hesitations will disappear! One has to strive to act in earthy situations not from the body but from within Me!”.

“What do we need to do to change more successfully the worldview of people? Only a few of them want the true knowledge!”

“One has to try to grow in people the ability to love, try to help them understand that it is love that brings one to God! Also you can help them to feel the touches of God. And then some of them, not all, will aspire to Me!

“Some seeds fall on rocky soil, yet this does not mean that one does not have to sow! And I will show you where to sow.

“Explain to people that the desire to give rather than to receive is the most important thing!

“The service to Me is a prerequisite for the personal cognition of Me!

“One has to cognize Me not for one’s own sake, not for one’s own blissful states, but in order to give My Love to others more successfully, in order to serve Me! Only then one can come to Mergence with Me!

“Everyone has freedom of choice on this Path. Everyone has to decide how to develop and to serve Me. And let Me repeat that an egoistic motive is wrong here: it does not work on the Path to Me.

“And remember: it is a basic right of the soul — to become one with the Father!

“… Through you God wants to help many people!”

“What do we need to do now for this?”

“Be open for the Power of God to come through you to the Creation!

“You have to be always ‘an open window’, a passage from the Creator to the world of the Creation!

“I am the Door — one comes to the Creator through Me!

“I am the Logos — I say His Words to people!

“I am the Vine — through Our bodies the Great Power grows, which brings fruits to ripening souls!”

“How can one learn to stay always in Mergence?”

“All the chakras have to be filled with the state of the ‘Sun of God’. Learn to live in this state! The ‘Sun of God’ has to shine through your bodies — the Sun in which you and I are one.”

“Tell us, please, more about Yourself, if possible…”

“To the incarnation known to people I came from the Father! I came to fulfill what was predicted in the Scriptures and to demonstrate the Love of the Heavenly Father to people. I came to show to people the Way by all My life.

“… The body of boy-Jesus, educated in the traditions of Judaic faith, could not comprehend at once all the knowledge about My future course of life, all the fullness of the Father’s Wisdom and Power. I felt inside Me Great Love and Power, coming from the depths of Me, but it was not yet the knowledge that I was the Messiah to come that prophecies talked about…

“In that earthy life, I had to unite with the Father in such a way that the Power and Love of the Father could be manifested freely to the world through My body; also in order that great miracles could be possible!

“Yes, miraculous phenomena occurred in My life since birth. But I had to master manifesting consciously the Will and Power of the Father. It was necessary for making possible My broad preaching to people — preaching of the laws of Father’s Love!

“The laws of Jews of that time required to avenge, to hate, to kill… But I knew and carried Father’s Love to people!

“… From a certain age, having cognized quietness inside My spiritual heart, I began speaking with Him.

“And gradually, having expanded in the Infinity of the Creator, I began to perceive Myself as the one chosen by Him for the Great Work.

“When I reached the age of thirteen, He led Me to travel to many countries, where I received the spiritual knowledge accumulated by humanity, including meditation techniques which were necessary for letting in worthy ones to the Father…

“… I cognized the Teachings of Gautama Buddha — the laws of love and compassion, the laws of non-attachment to earthly things.

“… I cognized the Teachings of Krishna about the Path of bhakti — cordial love for the beloved Creator. And I saw that there is no other way to cognition of God but the Way of the spiritual heart.

“… In Egypt I received initiations and understood the truths about the necessity of keeping the secret which protects the highest stages of the Path from the unworthy.

“I easily cast away the ‘husk’ of rites and legends, submerging Myself into the essence of the Teachings…

“I preached and taught in different countries. There are stories about My earthy life which were not included in the New Testament. They can reveal to those who are interested the details of that part of My life… But this is not the main thing…

“Then I came back to Judaea in order to begin that part of My Service about which almost all people on the Earth know now. I brought to people Love of the Father and His Teachings. I accepted death, and then I rose, demonstrating through this the omnipotence of the Father!

“I showed the Way! And may it be cleared and extended further by your work — this Path to the Heavenly Father!”

Yours affectionately, Jesus

*  About souls sent by Jesus to incarnations for the sake of their further development.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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