I would like to speak through you. I suggest you to start writing a new book. It may be called “Book of Born-Again in the Light. Keys to the Mysteries of Existence”.

I will be grateful to anyone who can help to materialize this idea for people of your time and for future generations.

My knowledge of Atlantis, Egypt, and Greece is great.

I am one of the Transmitters of the Truth for humanity. This is My Work! I have done it before and I keep doing it right now!

I would like that people associate My name not only with papyrus scrolls placed near the heads of the dead bodies or with forgotten rituals… My Message came to people through the Emerald Tablets, but this is not all too…

Listen — and you will know that which I have not told to people yet!

The Schools of higher spiritual knowledge are indestructible! They exist as some a kind of living library. Here the knowledge is not contained in the books but in the Souls That assimilated Wisdom and Light. This knowledge is preserved for the eternity because These Souls are immortal!

Now it is your task to make accessible the part of these great treasures of the Spirit.

* * *

Hark, oh people, to the voice of the Atlantean Who was called Thoth!

The Earth was lying in the cradle of the Creating Hands when I came to it and took the knowledge of the Creating Power, in Which there is the Source of everything!

I would like to give the Message to the humankind of the Earth for the centuries to come and for the present time. There are simple instructions for every day of life, instructions that can help the one who walks the Path of Light.

God really exists! He can be perceived by the developed soul-consciousness as the intangible Living and Subtlest Light.

Everyone who seeks the Divine Light and works to perceive It will cognize It!

For this the soul must be refined, must become tenderly transparent. And then it starts burning with the Divine Fire.

I want to tell you about the Path that leads to the Light!

I will give nine keys to the mysteries hidden within everyone!

The keys to all the mysteries of existence are in every one of us, in our multidimensional nature, similar to the multidimensional structure of the universe.

When I say that they are hidden, I do not mean that someone has hidden them but just that they have not been discovered and comprehended by us yet!

A seed has the possibility to become a plant. In the same way, a human being has the possibility to become God! Just as the natural destiny of a seed is to become a plant — so the natural destiny of any person is to grow and to become God!

Not each seed and not every person grows and realizes its potential. But human beings are conscious. They are able to comprehend the steps of the growth of a soul and to move through them towards the Mergence with the Primordial Light!

Human beings are not material bodies. Matter is only a temporary clothing of a soul.

Human beings are souls, born to obtain the Immortality! The predestination of every one of them is to become the Soul That carries the Light and then to enrich the United Ocean of the Perfect Ones, Ocean That creates everything in the universe!

So I give you these keys! You can take and use them to obtain love, wisdom, and power on your Path of Self-Perfecting.

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

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