Thoth-the-Atlantean: Chapter Nine. Key of Fire

The Divine Fire is one of the Manifestations of the Creative Love of the Primordial Consciousness. Subtle and Gentle, It does not burn those who go to the Light, but it is burning for the representatives of darkness.

The Fire cognized in the Depths of one’s own developed spiritual heart merges with the Primordial Fire and becomes One with It!

Those who have cognized this Fire inside them and know that this Fire is One with God’s Flame — they obtain the key of Fire!

This Fire is stronger than all the forces in the universe, because It is the Creative Power!

This Fire also exists in the center of the planet. It shines everywhere in the universe where life is created. Everything manifested appears in It.

The Greatest Souls That represent this Fire are free to be the Living Light on the Earth and, simultaneously, remain in the Unity with the Primordial Consciousness. They may also have material bodies. Such existence can be called Three-Times-Great. The Three-Times-Great are Those Who have obtained all these achievements. Every One of Them is the Guide Who leads embodied people to the Primordial Creative Power!

So attract yourself to this Flame with the magnet of Love!

With the Fire of the Creator, melt everything in yourself that is not identical to this Fire!

And if you are the Part of this United Fire — so merge with It forever!

Keys to the Mysteries of Existence

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

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