Etey: Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Orphic Teachings are one of the branches of the true knowledge in the history of the Earth.

They are about the Oneness of the Whole (the Absolute) and about the Only One Creator of everything “manifested”.

They are about the evolution of the souls and the meaning of human life on the Earth.

They are about the ethical laws that allow a human soul to pass successfully the Great Path from a human being to God, that is, to the state of the Divine Soul, Which has flowed into the Creative Primordial Ocean of Consciousness and can come out of It to the world of the Creation.

They are about the Divine Souls — the Curators of the evolution on the planet.

They are about the multidimensional Absolute.

One should know about Gods. They really exist! They are the Holy Spirits, that is, the Consciousnesses consubstantial with the Creator*.

People and Gods always lived on the Earth in the same space, but this space is multilayered, multidimensional. It is possible to learn to perceive different levels of subtlety. It is like the sea waters, in which fish swim, stones lie on the bottom and the rays of light pass through. Yes, there is a variety of eons in the Absolute: from the solid matter to the subtlest state of the Creator.

The methods of transformation, transmutation of a soul were known always. This is the whole system of methods for the development of consciousnesses that can be most correctly named as Raja Yoga and Buddhi Yoga. The collective practice of those methods was called secret mysteries. During them, the adepts, after mastering the ethical life and stability in love and peace, were taught, among other things, to be free from the flesh of their bodies and to perceive the Divine eons.

Thus the secret mysteries of Orphics were not a series of rituals but the collective exercises for the transformation and development of consciousnesses. In them, the disciples learned to perceive the multidimensional space and God with the pure soul, that is, without the help of the material senses. Then more and more complex techniques were taught. These techniques allowed the adepts to exit as the consciousness from the body, to refine and grow the consciousness and to master the life in the Divine eons. They were also taught to be the Soul-Light and then the Soul-Fire.

The most successful disciples mastered the existence as the God-man by means of the ability to manifest the Divine Power through their bodies.

All the education was based on the development of love-aspiration for the Creator and for the Superior Freedom of Life of the consciousness in Him.

The stages of the education were the following:

1. Ethical purification.

2. Initial transformation of the energies of the body.

3. Mastering control over the desires of the body and over the emotional states of the consciousness.

4. Exercises for the refinement of the consciousness, which included music, singing, and dancing.

5. Mastering the temporary exits from the body into the eons of Brahman and the Creator.

6. Mastering the growth and dissolution of oneself-consciousness and then the Mergence with the Divine Consciousness.

7. Manifestation of the Supreme Divine states through the body.

And now let the Lamps of the Higher Knowledge — the Lights illuminating the Path and dispersing the darkness — start burning again for people who are seriously — and not just for fun — interested in the science of the transformation of the souls into Light!

Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Hermeticism >>>


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