Etey: Lamp Four

Ethics is the First Step of Purification

The one who is knocking at the door of Truth, who wants to approach and enter the Temple of the Divine Existence must have the purest ethics.

Ethics were not invented by priests in order to control the crowd. They are the Divine Law that allows ascending to the Light. They are the first stage that cannot be circumvented! A person that has not accepted the ethical laws and has not made them the part of one’s own existence cannot ascend to the Light even if he or she possesses great power…

One of the initial steps in the self-purification is to accept into one’s own life the “killing-free” nutrition from both ethical and energy standpoints. The one who is able to love will not cause in any way the killing of those who feel intensive pain; this one will not eat the bodies of animals!

The ascetic precepts of Orphics were strict and full of significance:

— The one who has started the Path should fight against evil in oneself!

— Thoughts should be pure! The purity of thoughts is the basis for righteous actions.

— All actions without exception should be righteous!

— Virtue is to do good! Virtue is to serve God through helping people in their progress on the Path to the Light!

— The one who perturbs the harmony brings destruction and death both to oneself and to others.

— To create harmony is to give people love and beauty.

— The brevity of a sage manifests the beauty of calm.

— Heroes are those who overcome in themselves the monsters of hatred, fear, revenge, discords, laziness, and pride!

— The misfortune of people is in their subjection to their flesh. In the narrow limits of the body, a soul can lead only a miserable existence! A soul that lives in the body is always depressed! Even upon the death, such a soul will not become free from this state! The only solution is to aspire for the Divine Perfection first!

— One finds Bliss in the winged ascension of the soul as one realizes in practice the aspiration for the Perfection, for the Mergence with the Light of the Creator!

— The Saint or the Enlightened is the One Who has found the Divine Light and become It, including inside One’s own material body.

Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Evolution of Consciousness. Non-material Forms of Life  >>>


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