Etey: Lamp Seven

Creativity Is a Way to Transform
the Soul into the Creative Flame

A person can approach the state of Divinity through the creativity, including in the arts.

Art has a great power of influence.

The one who achieved the Mergence with the United One has the ability to influence other souls with One’s own Fire of the Soul through the art.

To create is very useful for the development of the soul! When a person learns art — be it music, dance, sculpture or something else — he or she masters the skills of a creator and acquires gradually the particles of the qualities of the Creator!

A creative work also gives a great opportunity to learn to love.

And love, in its turn, helps to master the creativity.

What you create without love is a “dead” creation. A soul can truly create only when it burns with love. Such love is called sometimes inspiration.

Only love allows you to understand, learn, and manifest the laws of Harmony.

The inner beauty of an artist and the power of his or her inspiration are not some “gifts from Gods” but the result of the work of the soul on the self-transformation into the Light.

God has created the “manifested” world according to the laws of Beauty. And the beauty of nature proves it! The beauty of the sunrises and sunsets, of the perfection of the flowers and trees, of different animals, of the transparent vastness and depth of the oceans, of the majesty of the mountains and the flow of the rivers are constantly speaking to us about the greatness and beauty of the Creation!

Nevertheless, the beauty of a perfect human soul and body has not been cognized yet (by the majority of contemporary people) as the manifestation of the Great Plan of the Creator.

A human soul has a great possibility to participate in the creative work of God, to create together with Him! This happens when inside the soul the creative flame, lighted from the United Divine Flame, begins to burn. It is possible to do this not only in literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, and architecture but also in physics, biology, and in the exploration of the principles of interaction between subtle and dense worlds… Thus one can develop the creative aspect of oneself as the consciousness and become more similar to the Creator!

Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Evolution of Consciousness. Non-material Forms of Life  >>>


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