I came to Egypt with Thoth-the-Atlantean. I was among those Atlanteans who had been sent there by the Primordial Consciousness before Atlantis sank into the ocean.

Afterwards, I incarnated there twice.

The higher knowledge was brought to the land of Egypt by great Thoth. I was one of Those Who continued His work. I repeated the Divine Truth to people standing on different levels of the development. I kept the purity of the Supreme Initiations and tried to make the ethical laws accessible and understandable for everyone.

Throughout the ages, people have been seeking the treasures and wisdom of Egypt. They have been looking for the material mediums of knowledge, for the evidence from the ancient history: papyri, tablets, and mummies. Yet there is that Living Knowledge about which pyramids, tombs and sphinx are silent, since these material colossi of the ancient world are nothing but the signs proving that the higher knowledge existed in Egypt…

The knowledge that I am talking about did not belong only to ancient Egypt, Greece, and India. It was the universal knowledge about Indivisible God. It was not a discovery or property of some particular nation, state, or civilization. It is one for everything that exists in the universe, and not only for our planet.

During the flourishing of the Atlantean civilization, many embodied people there possessed this great knowledge. In that society, it was possible to explain clearly and precisely to the new generations the laws of the Evolution of the Divine Spirit in the universe.

When Atlantis sank into the ocean, We tried to guard this knowledge in different countries on different continents. We continue to do this right now as well.

Now I will try to remove the “husks” of the myths and legends from that which makes sense to open for modern people, for those of them who want to transform themselves and cognize Indivisible God.

Yes, even now it is possible to get acquainted with what was written thousands of years ago and to hear this directly from Those Who wrote these ancient secret texts. It is so, because the Divine Souls can talk at any time!

So those who are willing to hear, listen! It is time for many people of the Earth to know that which was secret! Now it is time for many of you to wake up from the sleep of ignorance and unawareness!

We do not present this knowledge for the historians but for those who strive to ascend to the Light and to live in the Boundless Existence, being full of the Higher Awareness.

The Path opened by this knowledge consists in the purification of oneself as a soul and the following self-transformation in order to learn to cognize the subtle and subtlest worlds. This work may result in the Mergence with the One Divine Consciousness, called the Creator. This is the Mergence in which the soul does not lose its ability to perceive itself, yet it can do this from the state of total Unity.

Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Evolution of Consciousness. Non-material Forms of Life  >>>


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