Ptahhotep: Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt

Look from the heart, listen from the heart —
and you will hear the Voice of God, and you will see the eternally shining “Sun of God”!


God is the Father and Mother of all people. He creates everything with His Power, ensuring the lives of all living beings.

God is One. All the multitude of the Divine Souls speaks in agreement as one Mouth.

God has not left this world: He is here. He continues creating everything by His Will. Nothing exists without Him!

He is like the boundless Ocean of the Living Light or like the infinite Sun* (*This image is called the “Sun of God”.).

Anyone who has seen this Light has touched the Truth.


God is perfect.

But His Perfection is not dead immutability. On the contrary, His Life is continuous development!

God, as the Divine Consciousness, grows absorbing everyone who has achieved Unity with Him!

Everyone can obtain the Divine Perfection, because the One Who created people wishes so!

To become a Perfect Person means to become similar to the Creator and merge with Him.


The Great Primordial Light is like the Air of Freedom. The one who breathes It in knows the Infinity of the Depths!* (*Depths of the multidimensional space. The Highest and primary spatial dimension is the Abode of the Creator.)

Light merges with the Light.

Darkness attracts the darkness…* (*Spiritual darkness.) A person belonging to the darkness runs from the Light…

It is dark in that place where there is not enough Light.

Darkness reigns where the Divine Love is forgotten.

So cognize the Power of the Light!

The choice between darkness and Light is yours. But remember that only the Light is self-existent, while the darkness is just the absence of Light.

Transform yourself into the Person of Truth — and the Light will open Itself to you.

Find Love* (*Find God Who is Love.) in your heart — and you will continue to live in the Light!

The Light can become your Home, but this will be possible only when you transform yourself into Love.

The Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, but for the one who knows the Creator, the “Sun of God” shines always. Even in the darkness of the night, the Living “Sun of God” shines for the one who knows Him!


A human spiritual heart is the place where two worlds can meet: the material one and the Supreme one.

A human spiritual heart is the gateway to the Heart of God* (*God in the aspect of the Absolute. The Heart of the Absolute is called the Primordial Consciousness or the Creator.) — to the Creator.

The Universal Flame of Love can unite a human spiritual heart with the Heart of God!

God speaks with those who stay in the silence of the heart. Yet this silence does not only mean that one should stop talking idly. To learn not to talk idly is just the first lesson of silence, while the real silence is cognized in the space inside the developed spiritual heart filled with Love.

… When a soul is in confusion — it becomes obscure and heavy.

When peace reigns inside it — the clarity reigns there as well.

To obtain the clarity and peace of the soul, it is necessary to have pure intentions and thoughts, as well as peace of mind.

To master this peace, one should surrender the mind to the power of the spiritual heart.

The spiritual heart of a person should become subtle and vast like Heaven. Only then this person can become like the Creator and walk through the gate to His Home.

God always comes to the call of those who love Him. Call Him in this way:

“The Master of the world, my heart belongs to You!

“With Your Gifts of Bliss, You satiate and quench the thirst for You!

“You are the Tenderness of Love of the Father and Mother for those who knows You in their hearts! On the contrary, those who do not know You remain orphans even if they have their parents…

“Your Name alone is like a gulp of water for the thirsty!

“Come into my heart, I am cleansing and expanding it for You!

“I breathe You in like the Blissful Air of Freedom!”


The commandments of the good must be carved on the tablet of the soul!

Only that person is rich whose wealth consists of a good character and wisdom! This wealth cannot be taken away by a thief, cannot run out in the old age or disappear with the death of the body! These riches grow with good deeds and remain with the soul in the immaterial worlds.

Modesty is one of the best adornment and virtues of a person!

It is not enough only to return good for good. It is necessary to do good always! And it is important to learn to understand what is good for every soul.

Those who cause harm exist in the darkness. Even when everything around is filled with the Light, those whose thoughts are full of anger cannot see It!

Destroy the emotion of anger in yourself! The one who hates brings the destruction to oneself and to others!

Remove evil thoughts from your mind!

Turn away from vicious people!

Avoid evil people but do not feel aversion to them! On the contrary, feel compassion, knowing how hard it will be for them to tilt the balance of their destinies with the acts of goodness…

Do not do those things that are inconsistent with the principle of love! Grow the flowers of love in your heart!

Do not treat any creature carelessly! Everything and everyone are here according to the Will of God! Every creature of His should be respected!

Everyone who wants to help other people to master an ethical way of life should be an example for them!

Whenever you become annoyed by the words of your interlocutor — you break the harmony, including your own.

Look for and correct your own weaknesses so that others do not have to criticize you!

Do not strive to criticize others! It will be very bad for you if you become a constantly irritated person who blames everyone! It is better to strive to see all the qualities of each person and support the best ones of them.


From the union of a man and a woman, a child is born. But what body a soul will obtain is determined by God.

To each new body God sends quite a definite soul. Its destiny exists as an opportunity determined by the characteristics of this soul and its actions in its past lives.

One can change a lot in one’s own destiny, since the destiny is God’s plan, devised on the basis of what will be the best for that soul, taking into account its past. Yet one by oneself writes the reality of one’s own destiny every day and right now.

When, if not right now, should you decide to start transforming yourself? When on the sky of your life the sunset comes close, you may not have enough time to do the most important!

Do not waste your time! This time of your life will never repeat! Each moment of your life has a purpose, and if you do not fulfill it, you leave your body being a debtor! Thus you accumulate in your destiny the debts of those things that should have been done, but they were not…

That which you call misfortune or fortune in your life is nothing but the consequences of your past.

If someone’s evil deed has not received the retribution, and someone’s good deed the award, do not think that God is blind! Everyone will reap the fruits of his or her actions in a certain time! Nothing remains unnoticed by God!

The evil will not touch the one who fulfills one’s purpose and who is a pure soul now and was like this in the past. Troubles will leave alone and will not chase that persistent traveler who strives for the Light!

The judgment of the soul is the examination of its life by God Who weighs on the scales of Justice all its good and evil acts. Thus the summary of the life of the soul on the Earth is obtained.

Everyone alone is responsible for himself or herself before the Face of God.

Disembodiment is not the death of a being, but the transition to a different life, to a different way of existence of the soul.

And it is possible to live the life on the Earth so that this transition will lead to the continuation of the life in the Light!


The first step to wisdom is the desire to cognize.

Vicious and yet undeveloped souls are indifferent to the knowledge. They live and die without ever awaking to a conscious life.

Knowledge is necessary for the development of wisdom in the soul. It is good to have diverse knowledge.

However, do not become proud of yourself for knowing a lot! Take into account the fact that you have become mature thanks to the knowledge obtained by others. Think back and see that your present knowledge does not belong only to you but to everyone. Give it to people, helping them by this!

Wisdom grows little by little.

As you develop yourself, you can touch deeper and deeper layers of knowledge and use it, manifesting greater and greater wisdom.

Wisdom is not given to you as a gift, but it is gained through your experience of learning and loving.

Wisdom can be obtained only by those who illuminate the accumulated knowledge with their heart love. It is so, because not the mind but the spiritual heart is the essence of every human.

Laziness leads to the destruction of your life power. Idleness will not bring you Freedom. It cannot give happiness to the soul but only fetters it with the chains of boredom… Your life power can be wasted if you do not know for what you live on the Earth…

You should learn to distinguish what is necessary, useless, and harmful in your life.

You can gain Freedom only through great work! You should always continue the work of God! You should work every day, creating the beautiful! Wisdom is cultivated through the acts of kindness!

And the success comes to those who know the timeliness of the actions.

The Will of God can be manifested through any person. Yet the one who knows God manifests His Higher Will quite consciously.

Speech should serve to tell the truth. Uttering idle words is the violation of harmony.

The speech full of peace and words of truth is the sign of a sage.

It is more useful to listen than to talk. The one who has learned to listen can develop the ability to hear God. The one who has learned to hear God receives the keys to the cognition of Him.

The one who has learned to hear God can speak from God.

The art of speech may be great! Words can not only carry the knowledge but also open for the listeners the Path to the Light.* (*Ptahhotep speaks here about the practice of meditation.)

The one who knows the Power of God can put it into the words. In this case, that one of the listeners who has already cognized the Higher “I” will understand this. That one who is still in ignorance but who is pure will feel the touch of Truth. And that one who gives oneself up to the darkness will run away…

Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

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