Ptahhotep: Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt


The history of Egypt contained both the light of Truth and the perversions in the form of black magic.

For the soul that has not cleansed itself of the vices, the power becomes a crushing burden!

The one who truly wants to get closer to God, to cognize Him, to merge with Him, and to serve Him should have the absolute purity of the soul, including selflessness, love for the Creator and for all living beings in the Creation, as well as the greatest courage and composure.

… In the Egyptian temples of that epoch, the highest methods of the development of consciousness were kept in purity for a long time. It was done to avoid the perversion of this knowledge and its use by wicked people for their selfish and evil purposes. That is why, the spiritual education of higher levels was given to the selected worthy candidates only.

For the rest, the knowledge was transmitted in the form of rituals and symbols so that only the intelligent seekers can decipher it in the future.

Here is an example: a golden collar on the shoulders of the pharaoh. (The pharaohs of that time were, in fact, the Divine Atlanteans, and Egyptians knew this). It was a symbolic representation of one of the highest meditations, in which you perceive the material world as a huge collar, and deeper than it there is your infinite Spiritual Heart, consubstantial with the Heart of the Absolute, from which the pure and tender Flame of the Divine Love of the Creator emanates to the “manifested” world.

… I want to emphasize once again the necessity of taking very careful approach to the selection of the candidates who want to master the higher practical methods of the development of consciousness! They should be worthy of it!

Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt

Book of the Born-Again in the Light.
Revelations of Divine Atlanteans

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Under editorship of Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Evolution of Consciousness. Non-material Forms of Life  >>>


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