Parable about Good and Evil

The Lord of everything was evident for Me —
and I perceived His Presence in the manifested
and unmanifested, in people whom I met on My Path,
and in everything that His generous Hand gave Me!
I did not divide these gifts into good and bad ones,
for Allah does not give what should not be received!

Every minute of your life is the message of Allah to you
and your response to Allah.
You can read every moment like the Quran,
because everything around is the Book of Existence,
and He teaches you to read it!
When you learn to read it, you will
experience only the Bliss of His Love!

And when you talk after this —
your words will be the song of thanksgiving to the Creator!

Haji Bei Murat

Once a woman came to the Master casting no shadows and brought a sick girl to Him.

This woman, who called herself the mother of the girl, said:

“If you really know Allah — then heal this child! But if all that you can do is only to deliver homilies, with which you deceive those miserable who come to you, then take this girl! While she was little, I carried her in my arms, and people used to give me alms out of pity. But now she has grown, yet still cannot walk. I have no more strength to carry her and nothing to feed her. I cannot raise a child who is going to be a cripple till its last day!”

“This is a very difficult case. It will take a lot of time to heal her,” — the Master said quietly.

He looked at the girl, then at the woman, and said:

“Do you really want to leave her to Me? If this child, given to you by Allah, is a burden to you… — then, well, I agree. But don’t complain later!…”

* * *

Many acquaintances reproached the Master for allowing the sick girl to stay in His house:

“What will those who want to learn from You think about You? They will think that You are a bad healer and not a true Master if a cripple lives in Your house!”

But the Master calmly replied:

“I accept what Allah sends! And I thank Him for His gifts!”

The disciples of the Master began to call the girl Sufy, since she lived in the house of Sufi sheikh. Thus this endearing nickname had become her spiritual name long before she received her first serious initiation.

Almost every evening, the Master told stories or parables to Sufy, but He never finished them.

He spoke as if the heroes of His stories came to life, as if the sounds of their speeches were heard and their figures and movements seen. Even the fragrance of flowers and a breath of wind seemed to reach the little listener…

The Master finished His every incomplete story with a question about how this or that hero should continue to act.

The next day Sufy answered Him, and depending on her response — the tale took a new turn and had a happy or bitter end.

The girl was used to thinking about the answers seriously — as if on her right or wrong decisions depended whether a real person, and not a fairy tale hero, got into trouble or avoided it. And if she made a mistake, she was very upset about it and tried to correct it. And then the fairy tale had a happy end!

Every day the girl was taught by the Master and His disciples to read and write, to wash and cook. She tried to do everything that she could with all her still weak strength.

… Once Sufy asked the Master:

“How can I learn not to make any mistake in my answers?”

“It is difficult or, perhaps, even impossible to make no mistakes at all… Everyone in his or her life learns not only from right but also from wrong words and deeds.

“Do you remember how I once asked you to wash glass containers for medicine and explained how to do it better? But you were stubborn and broke them… I recall that you were very upset then. Nevertheless, you remembered that case, and since then you have listened carefully to My advice. When you manage to understand something important from your own error — from that moment on, you know very well how to behave right!

“Still there is one method that allows making fewer mistakes.”

“Teach me it!” — Sufy asked.

“Every human has the spiritual heart. Inside it, love for everything can be born: for blossoming flowers, tender animals, the infinite beauty of nature around us, kind people, and Allah Himself, Who has created all this and gives life to everything and everyone! The spiritual heart is in the chest. You can feel it in that place to which you inhale and from which exhale the air.

“Right here, in your chest, you have this especial center of you-soul. Love is born in this place. From here, it grows and embraces those whom we love, no matter how far they are. If love is strong and pure — it can expand immensely and fill everything and everyone regardless of distance!

“It is in the spiritual heart that one can understand the advice of Allah. It is here that we can decide how to act correctly. And the Love of Allah can be felt only here as well: in the spiritual heart when it becomes big and developed enough!”

And the Master taught Sufy how to submerge oneself into the spiritual heart, how to look with the eyes of the heart at the world and at people, how to listen to Allah in the silence of the spiritual heart, filled with love and peace, and how to expand this heart love more and more.

And Sufy mastered all this and changed drastically! She stopped being a sickly girl who longed for the care and special attention from others!

With each day she became more joyful and healthier! A smile of happiness lit up her face more frequently! Soon her pure laughter, similar to a ringing bell, began to sound in the house of the Master, emphasizing the beauty of the transparent silence that usually reigned there. And Sufy started giving everyone the warmth and gentle peace of her heart!

* * *

Once Sufy asked the Master:

“Why do the diseases exist? How nice it would be if they did not!”

“Are you sure?”


“But then you and Me would never have met!”

“Oh!… I didn’t think about this…”

“Allah brought many people to Me through their miseries and diseases. And I was able to help some of them.

“Everything is more complex than people usually think…

“When you grow up, Sufy, I will teach you to see the hidden causes of everything that happens. Now just remember that in this world, and in the world beyond the death of the bodies, and in the Infinite Light of the Love of Allah — everything is connected! Everything is created by His Love and rests on the foundation of this Great Love! Therefore, no matter how difficult and hopeless the situation seems to be — love lets you resolve it!

“I too wish that diseases and misfortunes didn’t exist… But many things have to be changed in the world and in people living in it so that they never forget about kindness…”

* * *

Time passed by…

The Master taught Sufy other methods of purification of the body and soul. Sufy grew and became a beautiful girl. The light of her spiritual heart transformed and healed her body each time deeper and deeper.

But she still walked with great difficulty…

… In those days sheikhs sometimes sent their disciples to learn from other sheikhs. In this way, disciples, by listening about the Truth from other sources and learning from different teachers, could obtain wider vision and knowledge of life.

And so it happened that the Master and Sufy stayed alone in the house that day. The Master was writing a book, and Sufi was washing in the patio when the burglars entered the house.

Deep silence was there; that is why, the thieves did not suspect that the Master was in one of the rooms. They quickly put in their bags all that they believed were of value. (People often thanked the Master with different gifts; this is why, in the house there were items that could be sold for a lot of money).

Having gathered all that they found, they saw the Master, Who came up to meet them like welcome and kind guests.

The burglars behaved in the same way as people led by fear behave usually… One of them, having approached the Master from the back, hit Him on the head with a heavy lamp… The Master fell and lost consciousness. The bandits ran away hurriedly, taking the stolen with them…

Sufy heard a strange noise and ran into the house… She saw the body of the Master on the floor with trickles of blood around… She ran up to Him…

“This is the end, My girl!” — the Master said happily and opened His eyes…

“No, no, don’t die!…”

“I don’t think to die! Don’t be afraid: the wound is superficial! Yet now you are completely healthy!”

Only in this moment Sufy realized that she could move freely on her legs!

* * *

“Look how beautiful today’s gift of Allah is!” — the Master said, while Sufy bandaged the wound. — “People often cry and complain when difficulties and adversities befall them… They talk about how terrible the evil is!… But often the good and evil exist in the world as two sides of one hand of the destiny. And this hand works in accordance with the Will of Allah and the laws of the existence of the universe created by Him. So let’s thank Him! After all, if these thieves hadn’t come — we would have to spend some more years trying to heal you…”

“But what about them? By causing harm to you, they caused great harm to themselves, to their destinies…”

“Today they did what they have been doing always. But those gifts of love and gratitude that they stole will change their lives in some way. We will see this soon…”

Sufy finished bandaging the wound and looked anxiously at the face of the Master. He smiled reassuringly. At this point, He mentally observed the sixteen years of their common hard work and the sudden complete recovery of Sufy…

The girl wanted to suggest that the Master lay down, but she heard from Him something so familiar:

“Well, it’s time for you and Me to start working! Let’s put the things in order and clean the house! Cleanliness everywhere and in everything brings us closer to the Perfection!”

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

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