Parable about How to Learn True Love

Once a man came to the Master casting no shadows to ask for His help and advice.

“You are a wise Master, so help me! I see my imperfections and weaknesses, but I can’t handle them! I have tried for many years to restrain myself from manifesting my bad emotions or perverted desires… But when a new situation, sent to me by God, overtakes me suddenly — I repeat the same mistakes! I repent again and again and promise to myself not to sin anymore… But again and again, anger, irritation, and fear overcome me. Great desires or little whims enslave my will and force me to fulfill them until I become satisfied. Am I hopeless and is there no salvation or remedy for me? I wish to become better very much…”

The Master looked kindly at that man. They were near a beautiful pond. Wonderful white and pale-pink lilies bloomed in the water, whose smooth surface was calm and clear like a mirror.

The Master said to the man:

“Look at your reflection.

“Now make this reflection raise its hands to its face without moving your body!”

“But this is impossible!”

“Then move your body, but order the reflection to remain motionless!”

“This can’t be done since the reflection repeats all the actions of my body!”

“Yes. In the situation of ‘you and your reflection’, you are the cause, and the reflection in the water is the effect.

“The correlation between the properties of you as a soul and your emotions, thoughts, and actions is the same.

“You need to change yourself as a soul — and then all your emotions, thoughts, and actions will be beautiful.

“If you want, stay with Me: I can show you the techniques that will help you in this.

“But you need to take into account one thing…

“Look, this bud of a white lily is not open yet… And even if you desire this intensively — it will not open its petals immediately.

“It takes time for a flower to form. The sun needs to caress it every day and the water needs to nourish its roots! Only then, over time, a beautiful flower will be born! Only then its petals will open, and all its inner beauty will be visible!

“Similarly, the transformation of the soul takes a lot of time and efforts. So be patient…”

* * *

The man stayed in the house of the Master.

And the Master began to teach His new disciple to move the center of the soul to the spiritual heart.

He explained thus:

“To start the transformation of the soul — one should know that man can live, perceiving the world not only with the mind, eyes, and ears of the body, but also by the loving soul that consists of the spiritual heart!

“Now inhale deeply… and exhale. Do this several times.

“Feel the space inside your body to which the air is inhaled and from which it is exhaled. Now try to do the same not only with the air but also with the light, similar to the sunlight.

“Now let that part of the light which you inhale stay forever in your chest. Get accustomed to the fact that you as a soul live now there. And love is born there too. Let it illuminate your path in life — among all other people and among all other living beings on the Earth, and even in the intangible spaces.

“After that, you can learn each day to radiate this light — like the caressing sun, shining from within.

“Then you should expand this light to all directions, as far as your strength allows you.

“You can learn to live inside this space of light, to perceive yourself there, to look from it, to speak, and to stretch the caring arms of the soul, caressing everything in the Creation of Allah!”

* * *

The new disciple of the Master began to repeat these exercises every day.

A new enchanting perception of the world started arising in him! It was an amazingly joyful and blissful touch to everything and everyone by the soul consisting of tenderness and peace!

The Master showed His disciple the methods for cleansing the body and increasing the energy of the consciousness.

The flower of the soul started blossoming, giving off the fragrance of the Love of Allah, because the love for Him arose and gained strength in this man!

Now he tried to never forget about the Love of the Creator, Who is always around and inside each one of us!

Gradually, this man learned to embrace every situation with his love and peace.

Now it was not difficult for him to cope with his evil thoughts and emotions, which surged sometimes. These negative states appeared in him less and less.

Now he looked at everything through the eyes of love from the spiritual heart. He already could do this without any special effort.

And his spiritual heart increased many times!

Thus the man cognized the great bliss, in which a spiritual warrior can live on the Path to Allah! He mastered that state in which man can always feel the presence of the Almighty and find in Him the Support for all his or her life situations.

A year went by. The man cognized a lot, living with the Master casting no shadows, in His house together with other disciples.

* * *

Once the Master said to him:

“You have mastered the first stage of discipleship: you have learned to keep yourself in the center of peace and love, called the spiritual heart. However, you have mastered this in the conditions of the ashram, where there is always harmony.

“Now you might go into the world where ordinary people live and learn to keep these states also in those situations in which not everything is favorable.

“Moreover, you could teach what you have learned to those people who will ask for your help.”

“Are You sending me away, my Master? But I still know and can do only a little!”

“I’m not sending you away! I’m just giving you the next task: to learn to do all the same but without My help. I’ll meet you here again when you’re ready to continue.”

“How will I know this? I still cannot perceive always the Thoughts of Allah and His Words! I haven’t learned enough! How will I distinguish between the right and the wrong? How can I learn to act correctly if I can’t ask Your advice?”

“God can speak with the soul not only with the help of the words.

“Those who have mastered the ability to be love can easily master the rest!

“Do you remember that day when you came to Me for the first time?

“You then looked at your reflection…

“That’s how most people live in the world. They live as if they are looking only at their reflections in everything. Their horizons are limited. This is how small individual souls who think only about themselves live. Such souls perceive everything in the world in relation to how it concerns them personally: ‘People love me — or people don’t love me’, ‘I’m pleased by someone… — or I’m not pleased’, ‘I want this and that and that…’

“This happens because a person usually sees only what he or she looks at!

“If you, for example, look now at the reflection in the pond, you will see much more than you had seen before, won’t you?”

“Yes, now I will see also the reflection of this beautiful sky with light clouds and soaring birds, as well as tender flowers, which are reflecting on this smooth surface so amazingly, as if they are growing in Heaven! All this beauty and harmony is like music that glorifies the Creator! And I see You and myself with You. I can’t see yet the One Who has created all this, but I know that He is reflected here as well! He is always with us. And I feel His Presence in everything…”

“Well, now you can assess how your horizons have expanded!

“In all that surrounds you, in everything that happens to you — you can now learn to see the Manifestation of the Will of Allah, of His Power, Beauty and Wisdom!

“The whole Creation is the Manifestation of His Plan!

“The whole world around you is like the message of Allah to you! And you can learn to perceive it. If you ask the question to Allah — be sure that you will receive His answer after a while!

“Even if you still can’t hear the revelation from Allah in the inner silent space of your spiritual heart — you, however, will be able to understand His answer!

“This answer may come to you through the words of people you will meet or through a book opened to the right page. Or some other event — big or small — will answer your question and suggest a solution.

“Don’t be afraid of the lessons of Allah! And don’t be afraid of your mistakes! Then you will gradually learn to hear His Voice clearly and know His Wishes always!”

* * *

The Master continued:

“True love is devoid of selfishness. This is the criterion that always permits differentiating between the right and the wrong in oneself and in others.

“Love in this way!

“Help others, too, to cognize such pure love!

“In this case, the Laws of Kindness and Care that you’ve cognized, learning from Me, never let you fail!

“Now you can learn to live feeling the presence of Allah always!

“You will be able to feel Allah and at the same time to walk or sit, to be silent or speak, to eat, or just to enjoy the beauty!

“You will be able to look at and see the Manifestation of the Will of Allah in everything around you and in everything coming to you! The understanding of His Love and Wisdom will grow in you every day!

“Live so, helping all other beings sent to your destiny by Allah!

“Thus you will prepare yourself for that time when you are ready to see the Manifestation of Allah in yourself as well. You will cognize Him as your own Higher “I”, identical to the Universal “I”! Then we will meet again!”

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

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