Love, Wisdom, and Power

Once God explained to me that His main qualities are Love, Wisdom and Power. This is why those who aspire to merge with Him should develop themselves according to these three fundamental parameters [9]. Many years later the same words came to us from God through The Book of Jesus [25].

Mastering each of the mentioned qualities of God is possible both in the course of “ordinary” life, provided that it is inspired by the right aspiration, and by means of special psychoenergetic methods.

Jesus taught and is continuing to teach the same thing [6,11].

Our great Contemporary — Messiah Sathya Sai Baba — is giving detailed explanations of the same principles for the modern people [6,11,4554 and others].

Invaluable advice on bringing oneself up to the highest ethical standards can also be found in lessons of other Teachers, Who attained God, such as Juan Matus, Rajneesh, and Others [6,11,16].

… So, we should start developing the ethical aspect with studying what God wants us to be in this respect, with tracing our vices and eliminating them, through repentance, in particular, and with cultivating positive qualities. And for those who advance boldly on this Path, who aspire towards practical cognition of God and are full of sincere love for Him, the crucial stage of their ethical self-correction (in terms of controlling one’s emotions) will be trainings on psychic self-regulation. These trainings begin with acquiring proficiency in shifting the concentration of the consciousness from one chakra to another. Since chakras are organs responsible for the generation of emotions and other psychic states.

For instance, the anahata chakra is the organ that generates emotion of heart love. Therefore, if we have purified and developed this energy structure by special exercises, the mere entering it with the concentration of the consciousness will be enough to get us out of states of fatigue, irritation and anxiety and into the light and pure states of love and tranquility.

Those who practice such methods notice that people’s attitude towards them starts to change gradually. We begin to create favorable energy fields for those around us, which makes people feel better. They find communicating with us easier and more pleasant; so the change in the attitude follows.

If we need a burst of energy for some activity, then we will find the well functioning manipura chakra or even the whole set of the three lower chakras (the structure also known as hara) very helpful.

Mental activity cannot be effective if the chakras located in the head are impure and undeveloped…

The condition of the chakras directly impacts functioning of the organs located in the corresponding parts of the body. The mere cleansing of the corresponding chakras can easily cure many chronic diseases.

… Development of the Wisdom aspect includes two main stages.

The first one is accumulation of knowledge and development of the thinking abilities. Ability to discern false teachings and concepts from the true ones and creative abilities of the intellect (i.e. the ability to find fresh decisions, ingenuity in small as well as in big matters) indicate a high level of its development. Studying in various educational institutions, reading books, intellectual games, intellectual efforts in scientific, professional, and educational activities — all of this contribute to positive evolution of human souls.

Engaging in a serious religious practice without a developed intellect is extremely dangerous. In this case it is very easy to get under the influence of false and destructive concepts like those, for example, which assert that drinking one’s own urine in great quantities makes for spiritual progress of a person or that Liberation can be achieved by casting off all ethical norms and through “spontaneity” of behavioral reactions… These people cannot distinguish between love — and lust, tenderness — and sugariness, subtlety — and coarseness, God — and devil. They take voices of demons and devils for God’s voice and surrender to them in their actions, they take great delight in possessing and using what they call their personal power, while being attuned in fact to the diabolic coarseness.

Psychoenergetic work is not for the mentally weak! The task of such people for the time being is self-improvement through service, strengthening of their faith, accumulation of knowledge, and through ethical self-correction.

The second stage of development of the Wisdom aspect relates to real exploration of multidimensional space by the consciousness of the seeker and cognizing of the consciousness that dwells there, including the Consciousness of the Creator.

This process brings to a gradual displacement of original human egocentrism with God-centrism.

The most profound Wisdom can possibly be achieved by an incarnate man through the ability to see the phenomena of the material world with God’s eyes, literally from God, instead of seeing them from the small self attached to the body, as it is the case with almost all people.

“Fix your mind on Me,” — God teaches us in the Bhagavad Gita [11]. In other words, we have to try first to gain an understanding of what God is and what role we play in the Creation in light of the fact that He exists. If we succeed in this, then through special spiritual practices we can gain the ability to submerge ourselves as consciousnesses into Him, to get closer to the full and final Mergence with Him.

The ability to control the orientation of the mind and consciousness — as opposed to mere reflexive reacting to the stimuli coming from outside or inside the body — too, cannot be gained without special psychoenergetic training. I am talking about working with indriyas.

Indriyas is a Sanskrit term. It denotes “tentacles” of the consciousness.

An ordinary person is not the master of the body that he or she lives in, but rather a slave of the body. He or she is attached to the body just like a driver handcuffed tightly to the steering wheel and chained to the seat of the car. The “cars” differ from one person to another — someone’s is new and well functioning, whereas another one’s may be decrepit and falling apart. Man, as a consciousness, is usually “stuck” in one particular chakra, which is often contaminated and not functioning properly, and moves to some other chakra (if at all) not voluntarily, but only when being forced to do it by the needs of the body: when it hurts somewhere or there is a sort of sinking or pleasant sensation somewhere else… Man looks out of this “vehicle” only through the senses: vision, hearing, smell, etc. When doing this, man as if stretches the “tentacles” of the consciousness through the sense organs.

We can watch ourselves, for example. Here I am, listening to the radio. My indriyas are stretching from my ears to the radio set. But suddenly the phone rings. I instantly shift my indriyas to it, having taken them off the radio set. Now they are on the phone and there is no radio to me anymore.

We also stretch our indriyas through the mind to objects or to people, when we think about them. Sensitive people can perceive or even see other people’s indriyas directed at them or at someone else with clairvoyance. Depending on the emotional state of the sender, his or her indriyas may have a favorable, neutral, unpleasant, or even pathogenic impact on the object. The latter phenomenon is called the evil eye: if an unkind and at the same time psychoenergetically strong person touches someone with the indriyas, he or she infuses the energy of his or her bad emotions into that someone and that one starts to feel bad or may even get sick as a consequence.

Let us make the following conclusion out of this: our emotional state, especially if we already possess some amount of personal power — is not only our personal business anymore. We need to remember that we can do considerable harm to others with our bad emotions, even involuntarily. On the other hand, we can help others, heal them, in particular, if we send our love to them.

… As we develop ourselves as consciousnesses in the right direction, we gradually free ourselves from the fetters that chain us to the body. First, we become capable of moving freely with the concentration of the consciousness within the body from one chakra or major meridian to another and acquire the ability to rid the body of various impurities. All this dramatically improves our health. After that, it becomes feasible to us to move outside the body, to grow in size as consciousnesses, to develop personal power, which allows us to move from one eon to another, thus exploring the multidimensional nature of the universe.

A developed consciousness, which has moved out of the body, can be compared to an amoeba, which stretches its indriyas freely without the aid of the sense organs of the body to objects and draws itself to them. As we progress in refining the consciousness, we become able to enter into more subtle eons in this manner — up to the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, the Consciousness of God-the-Father.

… Man’s personal power is not the power of the body but that of the consciousness. It may become either diabolic or Divine — depending on which direction we follow in our personal development. And this in turn is determined by what emotional states we are accustomed to.

Correct development of the personal power cannot be achieved unless we keep the body healthy and active. Therefore, physical work, athletic workouts, physical conditioning, and proper nutrition are very important, especially if they are cultivated from the childhood. The body has to become strong and healthy in order to make one really capable of high spiritual achievements.

The energy structure necessary for intensive growth of the individual consciousness is a set of the three lower chakras — this is called hara (or lower dantian). But it would be a gross mistake if one starts spiritual work with development of this structure, since gaining personal power before having the developed function of love and without being profoundly adequate from the ethical standpoint can tempt one into cultivating ethical vices. In this case, psychoenergetic training, instead of bringing one a great benefit, will be tremendously harmful.

This is why development of the spiritual heart must be given priority in psychoenergetic work, especially in the beginning of the Path. The ability to look at the world from anahata and to preserve this state even in extreme situations should be used as the criteria for judging whether a disciple can be taught the methods of increasing the power of the consciousness.

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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