What Is Love

Love has multiple aspects. It manifests itself as care, tenderness, devotion, self-sacrifice, active service to God, which is realized through service to other people called Karma Yoga (work not for reward, but in order to please God), and in many other ways.

The “foundation” of living in the state of love is constant staying with the consciousness in anahata, transforming oneself (as consciousness) — through this — into constant emotion of love which is being radiated to all people, all living beings.

One of the principal manifestations of love is tenderness, including the sexual aspect of it. It should be noted here, that the ethically correct sexual life directly contributes to developing the ability to love.

God is Love. If we want to Merge with Him, we have to transform ourselves into Love as well — into consciousness, constantly living in the state of Godlike Love. This is when we become these disciples of God whom He grants all other aspects of wisdom and then accepts us in Himself. This is the principal pre-condition for the ability to walk the Straight Path to Him.

But those who oppose love — oppose God.

Upon developing the spiritual heart, a follower of the Straight Path learns how to expand it beyond the bounds of the body — first, for several meters, then filling the entire Earth with it and then — even wider. This is the optimal way of breaking the identification with the body, the correct way of developing the consciousness, and of gaining experience of being and acting without the body while it is still alive.

Those who have developed themselves to such a level, shed all attachment to the body and do not fear death anymore: they find out that now it does not matter to them whether they possess a body or not and that the death of the body will be liberation from unnecessary earthy troubles.

For such spiritual warriors, the moment comes when the Creator will reveal Himself to them and let them come in His Abode.

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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