“Every Instance of Leaving
the State of Love…”

“Every instance of leaving the state of love results in accumulation of bad karma…” God told me this once many years ago. This statement can be put as a second point right after God is Love.

What is meant here? Is this just another threat? Will He punish me? Will He send a dangerous illness on me? Or will He cause me to suffer during my next incarnation?

No, this way of thinking is incorrect.

God never punishes anyone. He teaches us. We build our destinies ourselves. For example, we ourselves postpone the happiness of meeting Him. And we will continue suffering from our separateness from Him as long as we do not have love within ourselves. Various misfortunes are what we attract to us ourselves; this is not God punishing us.

I will give a couple of striking examples from my own life.

Once I saw an illegal publication of my book about David Copperfield, which was made not only without my consent and financial calculations, but this time its content was distorted — it contained some preposterous scheme inserted in the middle on my behalf…*

This exhausted my patience: I exited the state of love and disposed myself to a hard conversation with the delinquent publisher…

And in the evening of the same day I got inflammation of the gullet — esophagus: spasms were so bad, that I could hardly swallow…

In the morning I could see a big black spirit, which grasped my throat, stuck to it and would not let go, trying to strangle. I rush into the Abode of the Creator, returning to the state of love — instantly recalling: “Every instance of leaving the state of love…” And the spirit disappeared — the inflammatory process was gone almost immediately.

The mechanism here is the following. When we are in subtle states of the consciousness — we are out of reach of evil spirits: they are not capable of entering subtle eons. If we coarsen emotionally — then we immediately get closer to their state and become easy targets for their aggressive attacks.

About thirty years ago I had a much more dramatic experience. I discovered that my colleagues in Moscow in their activity suddenly started to twist into different direction behind my back [7]. I regarded this as a betrayal of God’s work by them. God Himself then ordered to immediately close the spiritual center that had been created in Moscow.

And that was actually all that I had to do in this situation. But I fell into a lingering state of anger towards them. And I immediately attracted devilish powers: without any obvious occasion I was attacked by a gang. After that I was on the verge of death of my body for a long time, suffering from severe pain. I experienced clinical death twice and ended up physically disabled for several years.

Only a “burning-through” of the destructed spine bones with the Kundalini energy, which I learned later, ensured an almost complete healing…

… In the same way, we attract either happiness or suffering for ourselves: if we enter the state of Divine Love — we get closer to God, if we take on coarse states — then devils and demons “stick” onto our bodies and we become sick and suffer.

This is how we punish ourselves for not complying with God’s Will.

Jesus Christ expressed this Will very clearly: love God and love each other — regardless of anything! [6,11]

The opinion that God allegedly has to provide us with material welfare of various kinds is absolutely erroneous. He never promised to do this for everybody… He is not a slave to us at all! He is — the Lord, the Master!

He loves us and tries to help us. But to help not in procuring earthly comfort, not in satisfying our selfish desires.

His Love is manifested in His guiding us to our ultimate happiness in Unity with Him.

He is the Master, the Absolute Lord. We need to learn, accept, and realize His Will and His Law. In this case we will live in harmony with Him. This Law is: the Way to Mergence with God is steadfast Love, and whoever abandons it loses the protection of God and falls a prey to hell-beings.

Let us obey His Will: this is in our interests — to go to God, having accepted His Law!

He created the entire Creation and everyone of us — not for our sake. This constitutes His Evolution and His Life. And He is going to implement His Will firmly: if we want to go to Him — we have to live with love and to be happy, if not — we are going to suffer in our separateness from Him!

*  I knew several such publications: among them there was one with a distorted portrait of David on the cover, in another one several important chapters about David were missed (only introduction and foreword remained, and it looked as if I promoted myself with the use of His name…).

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

See film: Spiritual Heart

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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