Self-Centeredness versus

It is clear that the God-centered worldview cannot become the ideology of everyone of us right away, for example just as a result of reading this book. What will be necessary is not just to think this concept over, but also to really feel God. Only then will we be able to learn to look at earthy situations with His Eyes, from His standpoint. But what we can do right now is to set attainment of God-centeredness as our goal. And we need to prepare ourselves to this by fighting against our egocentrism.

Voluntary renunciation of personal pleasures for the good of other people along with the elimination of arrogance — this is the beginning of the struggle against egocentrism.

An alternative to egocentrism is true CARING — that which is sensible and free from violence and rudeness.

With that, the interests of others must be given higher priority over the personal interests.

Taking responsibility for the well being of other people — in the family or in any other group — is an opportunity for developing needed qualities. The leader’s feeling of “I” must disappear and give place to the feeling of “we”, where there is no personal interest left whatsoever.

Sexual relationships are the sphere where egocentrism as well as the absence of it can manifest themselves in a very pronounced way.

“Do I act in my sexual relationships out of my personal interests or out of those of my partner?” — this is the fundamental question that everyone should ask themselves as a part of self-analysis and self-control.

Any type of violence and constraint in sexual relationships is a manifestation of one’s disgusting qualities. A similar situation is when a man does not take care of prevention of unwanted pregnancy of his female partner.

Another example is when after a defloration, the man proceeds with the sexual intercourse for the sake of his personal satisfaction, ignoring the pain that his “beloved” is experiencing.

Many more examples can be given here.

The behavior of many women is no less disgusting than that of many men.

Now let us look at the nutritional habits. The overwhelming majority of people eat things made of corpses of animals without even bothering to think that they experienced pain and suffered, dying just for the sake of satisfaction of our cruel gustatory habits, for our pleasure!

People do not necessarily have to eat “killed” food (one that is made from meat or fish): we can get all essential nutritional elements out of plants, milk products, and eggs. Eating “killed” food just brings to contamination of our organisms with salts of uric acid (which causes various kinds of gout) and with coarse energies that remain in the animal corpses as a result of fear and pain that the animals experienced when dying.

Eating corpses of animals is incompatible with any spiritual progress — for the ethical reasons, first of all. God has been telling people about this constantly [6,11,14]. But now we are seeing that eating dead bodies of animals is what multiple religious pseudo-pastors demand from their followers — otherwise, they say, you can grow proud!

They should stop and realize that by doing this they act against God and against the Evolution, that they cripple the souls of people who trust them!

For what God wants us to possess is Love.

* * *

The use of special meditative techniques can be of paramount importance in one’s attempts to free oneself from the egocentric lower self. This concerns the step-by-step mastering of the total reciprocity meditation. Its essence consists in actively shifting the consciousness into the state of non-I, distributing it beyond the body, outside of it, with the vectors of attention directed towards the body.

This is how just another break of egocentrism takes place and a fundamental step is taken towards Mergence with God and towards the ability to see the earthy situations from His standpoint — with His eyes, as it were.

This is the meditative technique that allows one to attain complete Mergence with Him in His Abode.

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See film: Spiritual Heart

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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