Upbringing Children

God embodies us on the Earth so that we could learn Divinity here — in this School called Earth, where God is the Teacher. This study is threefold: we study Love, Wisdom, and Power. We study here under His guidance — invisible in the beginning, which later becomes evident.

There are theoretical and practical lessons in this School. The theoretical ones consist in studying the Will of God through reading books and by other means. Upbringing of children is one of the practical subjects.

In the beginning, children need to be taught elementary things: speaking, walking, rejoicing, etc. But as children grow up — parents should try to teach them many skills and make them as broad-minded as possible. They should teach them how to ride a bicycle, how to run, how to swim, how to pitch a tent, how to make a fire, how to sing, how to draw, how to play various games, and so on. Let them watch TV so that they can get to know people in different parts of the planet and the diversity of their religious quests… All this will prove useful to them in the future and will allow them to solve problems of the adult life.

One can work for the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness by upbringing not only children from one’s flesh and blood, but also many other children. We all are children of One God! We all are one family. One has to learn to treat other people’s children as one’s own!

By living this way we will learn to expand our love and to treat people the way God does, we will learn Divine Love.

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

Spiritual Work with Children

Spiritual Work with Children>>>

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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