Night Sleep

One should not work during the night. The best time to go to bed is 10 o’clock in the evening, and the best time to wake up is from 4 to 6 o’clock in the morning. This regime provides the best night rest to the body and ensures vivacity and agility of the consciousness. It is best to start every day with doing spiritual exercises.

Getting a good night sleep is important: its primary purpose is to ensure the bio-chemical cleansing of the brain. If one does not sleep enough, the brain gets inflamed. This can be seen with clairvoyance as a darkening of the brain.

In this connection I want to mention that sleeping with another person in one bed which is not too wide is a mistake: body movements of one of the partners disturb the sleep process of the other. As a result both do not get a good night’s sleep, and their activity the next day is carried out with an inferior energetic level.

One should sleep in a bioenergetically favorable place. Favorable and unfavorable places for sleeping can be located within an apartment or even within a room. The origin of unfavorable places is primarily people’s coarse or sick states that got imprinted bioenergetically in material objects. It is possible to correct such defects by influencing those places meditatively.

If one ignores this factor when choosing a place to sleep and makes a bed anywhere, one can easily catch the unfavorable energy states, traces of which were left by someone who was there before. In this way one may end up getting insomnia or nightmares, the previously refined consciousness may coarsen or one may even develop the symptoms of the disease of which the previous inhabitant of this place suffered.

If you need to examine your home for the presence of such places, do not look for “psychics” who use dowsing rods or other similar devices: none of them is able to interpret the indications obtained in such a way. Only those who succeeded in refining the consciousness can make a proper examination. And they will not be using any “tools”: they perfectly feel everything with themselves — as pure consciousnesses. May all of you become like this too!

Regarding dreams: sometimes we have dreams, in which we sin. This is an indication that we have not completely eliminated our vices yet. In these cases, we need to work over our “weak points” using the mechanism of repentance.

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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