Spiritual Service

We cannot reach the end of the Path to God without helping other people spiritually. This is objectively necessary for the process of the Evolution, since this makes the number of people initiated into spiritual knowledge grow. This also contributes to our own development, providing us with lessons in psychology, in particular. After all, the process of spiritual development can be considered as a “course of learning to be God”, and God is the perfect Psychologist, the perfect Soul-Knower.

On the spiritual Path, just like during a war, some of the human qualities get manifested in a dramatic way, such as stupidity of some “superiors”, which turns out disastrous for many people, and the wise heroism of the others, which saves many lives.

In these battles, emotions of people get activated; human cowardice, which makes those of little faith insane, gets highlighted. Manifestations of both vicious and high soul qualities also become more intense.

Spiritual warriors temper themselves in rebutting attacks of envious persons and aggressive fools.

Betrayals of “best friends” teach them not to get attached to people.

The warriors develop themselves saving those who walk by their side the spiritual Path or those who follow them. In the battles before the face of God, the warriors cultivate Love, Wisdom, and Power and thus gradually attain Divinity.

What must be the initial spiritual help to other people? First, it must consist in explaining to them the correct concept of God and of the Path to Him; second — in teaching them the methods of regulating one’s own emotions.

Those who deserve it, by intellectual and ethical criteria, may be taught the art of meditation.

But before aspirants begin serious meditative work, they have to purify the body of energetic impurities: it is impossible to enter subtle eons, where God abides, from a contaminated and therefore sick body.

This is why it is allowed to involve in esoteric practices only those aspirants who have renounced eating “killed” food, taking alcohol, tobacco and similar toxic substances, and have abandoned close relationships (including sexual) with energetically coarse people.

Aspirants have to set as their primary task the establishment in love and peace.

And those who deviate from this path or do not make progress — they should be debarred from further studies — for their own good. This is because the same psychic methods can bring those, who are focused on refining of oneself and growing as love, — to God, but others, who go in the opposite direction, — to hell, transforming them into devils.

I have witnessed the latter many times in various cities and countries, including those where they used the methods developed with my help. Some instructors, either for money or fame, or simply due to their culpable irresponsibility, started to teach psychoenergetic methods to everyone interested without a careful prior selection of candidates. This led to personal tragedies and in one case even to formation of a criminal gang [7].

Once I was careless enough to show wonderful places of power to many of those who subsequently proved undeserving. Now… I meet sometimes downright black magicians there, who leave traces of their energetic coarseness, defile the sacredness of those places…

But there is no place for violence on the spiritual Path. I do not have any right to demand that those perverts do not go there to grow devils out of themselves… God gave them free will, and they have a right to move in the direction of hell. Maybe after having lived in hell, they will want to escape from there. And then my books will probably help them…

One of the wise things to know is that no one can be “dragged” into the Abode of the Creator. He does not need this, let alone it is impossible: the spiritual Path is primarily qualitative self-transformation, as opposed to, say, climbing a mountain. And it is we ourselves who can and have to walk this Path; other people can only show us the way.

Everyone has to be absolutely free in building their own personal relationships with God. This is why there must be no “religious discipline” or strict subordination of people or spiritual groups. Everyone has to develop in total accordance with their own free will, given to them by God. Breaking this rule distorts the harmony of the Evolution and interferes with God in His leading us to Himself.

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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