Teachings of God
versus Sectarianism

After creating our planet and populating it with us, people, God did not forget about us at all. On the contrary, we are His major concern; we are His children, whom He cannot wait to see in His Home. The whole Creation was created only for that purpose, so that after maturing here we could enter the Home of God.

God teaches us in two ways: He gives us direct instructions concerning the way we should live, and then He offers us a free will and teaches us how to fulfill these instructions in relationships with other living beings and with Him.

Presenting us with the free will in choosing our ways of living and in making decisions in particular situations is His wise intention, which allows Him to discern clearly those who sincerely move to Him — and those who move in the opposite direction.

We have a right to move in either direction as well as to stay where we are. Yes, He gave us this right and we are free to exercise it.

But when we are moving to Him, we really increase the amount of happiness and bliss in our lives.

Otherwise, we are inevitably going to attract diseases, misfortunes, and suffering.

We even have a right to experience a nightmare of being among our likes in the diabolic eon. But do we need this? Is it not better to become humble and obedient to His Will? He wants good for us and gives it to us — all we need to do is to take it!

But why is there so much suffering on the Earth then? Why don’t people go to Him? Why are crimes, darkness of primitivism, and absurdity of ignorance typical of both “believers” and atheists?

Is it not because people, especially those endowed with power, due to their ignorance or out of self-interest have been concealing and distorting the plain truths about the Path to God and to happiness?

It is quite simple to secure power and money by declaring oneself, for instance, an intermediary between people and God. Someone puts on the “priest” clothes and declares solemnly: “Here, I am endowed with the power to ask God to grant you well-being and with the right to forgive your sins. Come to me, pay money, otherwise… — you will be burning in hell forever!…”

This is a typical sectarian version of a greedy lie.

This lie may be reinforced with the following scheme: “Our Church traces its history from Adam and Eve. All other Churches are its illegitimate offsprings. So, who does God love more — His legitimate child or illegitimate one?”

But in reality God loves all His children. So, can sincere believers be capable of making such an outrageous lie?

Several sects emerged recently that sell “rights to communicate with God” for enormous amounts of money: one needs to paint a certain symbol, they say (it is that symbol that they are selling), — then God will be responding to your requests and sending “Divine Energy” to you or through you… As if God is a sort of a slot machine operating on tokens!… But a lot of people believe this and similar kinds of lies. And they pay money for these kind of things!…

But however stupid this is, it is not as terrible as when “pastors”, wrapped in magnificent clothes, on behalf of God send members of their organization to hate, extirpate, and kill those who interfere with their (the “pastors’”) lying. As a result, coarse base passions flare up, the “righteous wrath” starts raging… — and the whole “congregation” ends up going to hell…

Anger and fear (especially the mystical fear — fear of devils, demons, sorcerers, and vampires — which is a necessary attribute of intimidation and enslaving of the “congregation” in the cruelest and most ignorant sects; and this is so typical of Russia today) — if people cultivate these emotions, they destine themselves for going to hell. Woe to them who do not understand this, who follow this path and especially to those who instigate others of doing it this way! You are enemies of God!

… But God is Love. And He accepts in Himself only those who have become like Him.

… God always teaches us through all Messiahs and true prophets only one thing, but using different words and stressing different aspects for different people. These Teachings of God is His Eternal Law (Sanatana Dharma in Sanskrit). It holds that we have to strive to cognize Him, to merge with Him in Love and serve Him, that we have to love people and help them, love all creatures, develop ourselves for the sake of ultimate spiritual self-realization.

What on earth prevents us from accepting this Law and from turning our back on all of those who distort this Will and Law of God?

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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