Ecopsychology: Meditative Trainings

Meditation is one of the main means of developing oneself as a consciousness, as well as the only possible way of cognizing God and merging with Him.

There are four principal kinds of meditative trainings: a) refinement of the consciousness; b) augmentation of it; c) transferring the concentration of the consciousness within one eon, as well as to other eons, d) mastering the methods of merging the consciousness with the Divine Consciousness.

Actually, the entire Path to Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness can be expressed as an astonishingly simple scheme:

— developing the spiritual heart inside the body;

— growing it gradually up to the size of our planet;

— exploring more and more subtle eons of the multidimensional universe;

— and merging oneself (as a spiritual heart) with the Creator in His Abode.

In this context, it is becoming clear for us what we should cultivate in ourselves and what we should cut off.

We have to grow ourselves as wise, strong, and refined Love.

We need to purify ourselves of everything that is not Love: all kinds of rudeness, anger, and egocentrism, including emotions of condemnation, jealousy, greed, envy, violence, egoistic sexual desire (lust), etc.

The next principal stage of development of the spiritual heart will be its expanding, “overflowing” in lucid calm of mornings on open natural landscapes (for example, seashores, prairies, fields, hilltops or mountain summits).

Such meditations of love can be practiced throughout the year, but they can be successful only during daytime. The best season for this kind of work is spring, when exultation of nature tunes us to the correct emotional state and gives us its power — power of the emotion of LOVE.

The next step for those who have successfully mastered the meditations discussed above is hard work on filling all subtlest eons of multidimensional space with oneself as a spiritual heart. The last eon one needs to fill up is the Abode of the Creator.

* * *

Sathya Sai Baba says [37]:

“The task of meditation work is to dispel the illusion that God and the essence of each man, as well as the essence of the whole material world, are different.

“The right meditation is merging of all thoughts and indriyas with God.

“Correct fruits of meditation are… when all actions come out of the Consciousness of God and not from the mind.

“Mergence with the Absolute means removal of the veil of ignorance, i.e. of the illusion of dual existence of the differentiated parts — as opposed to the One Absolute.

“Man can observe the Absolute, manifested in the divided, in the life of an Avatar.”

I can assure you that all of this is real!

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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