Ecopsychology: Places of Power

Significant acceleration of the meditative development of the consciousness can be achieved at special places of power.

This term was introduced by Mexican Indian Juan Matus (don Juan), whose experience was described by Carlos Castaneda (see more details in [6]). This term denotes special places whose energy characteristics substantially differ from the background level (for human beings).

Places of power can be classified into positive and negative ones, according to the effect they produce on people.

Negative places of power can induce anger, depression, terror, anxiety, sensation of strange discomfort or drunken “knock-out”, etc. Staying at these places can cause diseases, coarsening of the consciousness, and even death, especially if one makes one’s home at such a place.

I particularly remember one large place like this, located to the west of Magnitogorsk city, near the Ural mountain range. Once, I was driving across this place on a rather flat highway. Along both sides of it there were numerous tomb crosses — this is how they traditionally mark the places of automotive accidents with lethal outcomes in this area. My companions, who lived in Magnitogorsk, explained that this had always been a mystery for everyone why so many drivers and passengers died there, on a smooth section of the road, and not somewhere in the mountain area.

This place induced the state that occurs if one has drunk too much alcohol and smokes a cigarette in addition to this. Those who know how it feels can easily imagine what happens to a tired driver there, especially during the night snow or rainstorm.

There was also a village on that place of power; it looked gray and depressed, with no people or animals in sight. I detected the “epicenter” even before we approached it. It turned out to be right in the center of that village. When we drove closer to it, we saw several abandoned half-ruined houses: apparently, all the people died in them; nobody could live there…

Surely, I wanted to help all those poor fellows. But how could I say anything about that? Who would believe me?

Places of power are not necessarily that big. They can be as large as several kilometers, or just hundreds of meters or even one meter in diameter. Sometimes one can encounter an energy column one meter wide through all floors of a high-rise building.

Sometimes I managed to destroy small negative places of power in houses forever, sometimes not.

Locating places of power with the help of “tools” like dowsing rods or pendulums is not effective. One can determine all features of places of power — including their qualitative and quantitative characteristics — only by feeling them personally: with oneself as a consciousness. But one can learn this method only on the spiritual Path — through refinement of the consciousness and by acquiring fluidity in moving along the entire scale of coarseness-subtlety.

The above said also relates to positive places of power. And they can be so wonderful!

They can provide us with standards of subtlety or shape the consciousness in various ways, filling this shape with their energy.

They can heal various diseases by washing the bodies through with fountains of healing energy or just by infusing the excess of its healing power, adequate for a particular organ.

They also can get one into the non-I state — this state cannot be explained by words. It can only be experienced, but it is an essential experience, nonetheless…

They can help entering the highest eons, make for cognition of Atman or be favorite places of Divine Teachers for appointments with worthy disciples…

People can pass through these Holy Places without noticing them. But the ecologist of multidimensional space, who is a spiritual warrior and spiritual seeker, has to learn how to find and use them.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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