Ecopsychology: Babaji’s Formula

We have already examined all stages of the spiritual Path in the terms of Patanjali’s scheme. Now let us discuss the same problem using analysis of the formula of spiritual development suggested by the Avatar Babaji [67,11,16,19,55]. This formula sounds as follows:

Truth — Simplicity — Love — Karma Yoga (Service to humanity) — Abandonment of the lower “I” for the sake of merging with the Higher “I” of God.

* * *

The advent of Jesus Christ — a Messenger of God-the-Father — had been prophesied by numerous Jewish prophets. But when Jesus did come — only some of the Jews acknowledged Him as Christ; those were the people who became His first disciples and spreaders of the Teachings of God, which were new for that region of the Earth. But the official Synagogue never accepted Jesus as a Messenger of God-the-Father and… for almost two thousand years has been waiting for another Christ…

A similar phenomenon happened in the near past: all mass organizations calling themselves Christians did not recognize God Who appeared before people of the Earth in the human form!

Jesus Christ Himself prophesied: “When you see One Who was not born of a woman, fall on your faces and worship. That One is your Father” (Gospel of Thomas, 16; see [56]). In 1970 Avatar Babaji came to the Earth exactly in this way — but “Christians” did not recognize Him.

(Now another Avatar — Sathya Sai Baba — works on the Earth, preaching the same Eternal Universal Teachings of God-the-Father — and again the hierarchs of all mass Christian confessions refuse to recognize Him!).

God became a competitor to many religious organizations: for He can “entice away” their “flock” to Himself. Who would then support all those for whom Churches are a source of income? This is why some “parsons” intimidates the congregation: “everything that comes from the East — is of Satan!”, or “if you do not stick to us, you will surely go to hell!”…

But Jesus Christ was embodied in the Middle East — in Judaea. Krishna, Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba — all of Them are from the East. So, is God — “from the East”?

* * *

Babaji is One of the Representatives of God-the-Father, a Part of Him. He periodically embodies on the Earth as an Avatar in order to help people. One of His incarnations took place at the end of the 19th century; it was described by Yogananda [63]. The next one was from 1970 to 1984 — again in Northern India, where He appeared before people by materializing a body of a young man for Himself, in which He lived for 14 years.

Now Babaji, together with Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba, Krishna, and other Divine Teachers, Who are Manifestations of God-the-Father, keeps on helping worthy disciples of God — but this time from the non-embodied state.

From His last incarnation on the Earth Babaji left people a concise and brilliant version of the Teachings of God, the “core” of which is the mentioned above short and exhaustive list of what we, people, have to accomplish. The main thing for us now is to try to understand correctly what these words mean and then to fulfill all this.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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