Practice of the Straight Path: Initial Methods

Ethic Self-Correction

People who are still at the preliminary stage of mastering their religiosity believe that the faith in the ideological concept and rituals of the organization of their choice is a sufficient condition for their “salvation”. These people are not yet capable of comprehending words of God, not even those of them that are written in the Holy Scriptures. Opinions and orders of their earthly “pastors” are much dearer and more valuable to them.

For example, despite the fact that God told people not to kill but to love and forgive — “Christians” “became famous” for so many terrifying atrocities throughout the history of Christianity on the Earth! So many wars, murders, tortures and other crimes they have committed!

As for killing of animals — scarcely 0.001% of “Christians” obey the Will of God in this respect. Where is the place for Christian love?! There is no sight of you among “Christians”! This is because these “Christians” are not true ones!

* * *

The initial stage of spiritual advancement implies making real efforts on self-transformation. God expects from us not prayers and kowtowing: He does not need them! He needs us to become better!

And the first thing that the aspirant has to do is to accept the principle of LOVE — accept it not as a nice phrase, acknowledging the beauty of it, but as a strict rule of conduct. And no practical methods — be they exercises of Hatha Yoga, work with the chakras and meridians, winter swimming, etc. — will bring us closer to God (in fact, they can even lead us astray, sometimes) if we do not follow the commandments of God regarding LOVE.

Let us look at the nutrition, for example. If we contaminate our bodies with coarse energies of dead bodies of animals, this will not allow us to attain the required degree of refinement of the consciousness for getting closer to the Abode of the Creator; on the contrary, it will drag us towards hell and create for us bad karma, which will have to be redeemed in our next incarnations.

But health and karma considerations are not a principal issue here. The main point is that God is Love. And He allows us to get close to Him only if we become Love.

Ecopsychology >>>
See film:  Psychical Self-Regulation

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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