Practice of the Straight Path: Basic Methods

Psycho-Physical Exercises

Now let us learn four psycho-physical exercises. They got this name because their psychic component is combined with simultaneously performing physical movements, with the latter contributing to the mastering of the former. The basic idea of these exercises was invented by Peter Dânov, a mystic of the beginning of the 20th century; later it was developed by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, and then by us.

The first exercise of this series is called Awakening. We awaken from a long sleep of self-isolation from harmony, beauty, and love of the world. (While standing, we raise the hands up and stretch ourselves as if after sleep). We let all the purity, light, and the vitality from outside into us. Feel a waterfall of astonishingly pure, transparent, subtle feelings and morning freshness flowing from above. We fill ourselves with this morning freshness, with these fresh waves, overfill ourselves with them! (Hands move down to the shoulders, assisting this process, then move up again; we repeat these movements several times). We try to reach as high and subtle an emotional state as possible.

The second exercise is called Giving Away. We hold the hands against the chest and then make a wide gesture moving them forward and apart: what we have received, we must give away to other people — our level of spiritual advancement is measured by our ability to give. Also, so that a vessel may get filled with fresh water, it needs to be emptied first. They who do not empty themselves by giving away what they have, do not get renewed, do not grow. We repeat this exercise again and again, pouring out, giving away all the good that we have accumulated — generously, without the desire to receive a reward. Send subtlest and intense waves of streaming fresh and pure love far forward. Feel how the chest gets inflated by the energy of love that comes swelling from behind. A flower, exhaling a tender fragrance, starts to blossom out in the middle of the chest. Send these subtle vibrations forward. This is the fragrance of love itself!

The third exercise is Reconciliation. Raise the right hand above the head and concentrate in the palm and the space that immediately surrounds it. Then slowly bring the hand down drawing with it a sinusoid with a half-period of about thirty centimeters. The edge of the palm should be facing the direction of the hand’s movement. While doing this, try to feel the space, in which the hand moves, as some energy field, to which we assign new characteristics: peace, harmony, and calm. One may “extend” the hand. (One may imagine various ways of performing dancing movements: jerky and quick versus gentle, smooth, and elegant. Each of these ways disposes both the performer and the audience to corresponding emotional states). And this simple but powerful gesture, which symbolizes harmony, will be helping everyone in every situation as they master this exercise (one should feel it deeply through!), even if performed without being accompanied with movements of the body.

The fourth exercise is called Climbing Up. We raise the hands up with the palms facing sideward and then bring them down laterally, making sweeps. Repeat this movement several times, with each sweep we hatch out of another coarse envelope, as it were, and become lighter, purer; we rise to the source of the light above — to the sun… It becomes very close to us; a few more swings and we reach it… Flow into space of the purest and subtlest light, and enjoy being in it… Then slowly get down to the earth feeling the sun in the chest. Stand on the ground and shine at people and all other living beings with sunlight coming from the chest!

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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