Practice of the Straight Path: Basic Methods

Latihan. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

When all the previous exercises have been mastered, we can proceed to the exercise called latihan.

The term latihan was introduced in the beginning of the 20th century by a Sufi named Bapak Mohammad Subuh [20], who used this word to denote one of the ways of communicating with the Holy Spirit. He visited many European countries, where he taught this method to Catholic monks and healed with its help many ill people, including those suffering from cancer.

In this technique, one addresses the Holy Spirit for help and asks Him to concentrate above the head (one has to become aware of Him there) and then to “shower” Himself down through the entire body as through a transparent glass cylinder. This will be a true baptism in the Holy Spirit.

In this way comes the healing of the body.

The body, having surrendered to this Stream flowing through it, starts dancing and performing other smooth and harmonious movements… This phenomenon is a variation of Laya Yoga — a set of methods of “dissolving” oneself in Divine Streams as well as in static states of the Divine Consciousness.

In fact, this is very simple if we really believe, if we really love Him and are willing to surrender to Him. And the Holy Spirit is always present everywhere as a sea of Light, including the space above our bodies — watching, loving, teaching, and… waiting for when we finally pay attention to Him with love and ask Him for help…

If we have prepared ourselves with the help of all the previous exercises, including Awakening — we will succeed in doing this one right away. If not — we may try to imagine ourselves… in paradise, under a heavenly waterfall, immersed in the tender sunlight, aroma of flowers, singing of birds… A cascade of heavenly water is falling down through the body, purifying the soul and making it worthy of paradise…

In order for the laya dance (the dance of “dissolution”) to start, being guided by the Holy Spirit, we should stand on tip-toes and raise the hands; the clothes must be light and loose — so that we almost do not feel them…

After the dance, it will be good to have a rest in a relaxation posture.

Ecopsychology >>>
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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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