The Cocoon

Practice of the Straight Path: Basic Methods

 The energy cocoons mentioned above surround the bodies of all incarnate living beings. (They are also called etheric bodies. But one should take into account that the meaning of the latter term is unclear: some authors may denote with it other structures and states, when they simply do not know what to call them). The cocoons form of the aggregate biofields of all cells of the body. There can be multi-layer cocoons, i.e. they can consist of several layers of energies of different densities located at different distances from the body.

The cocoons of healthy people are more or less egg-shaped. But their borders can have either protuberances or dents against the diseased regions, which corresponds to either increased or decreased activity of the cells in the affected parts of the body. This is significant for performing extrasensory diagnostics and can be determined by palpating the boundaries of the cocoons with the palm of one’s hand. But it is preferable to learn to see the cocoons as well.

It is easier to learn to see one’s own cocoon first, and then cocoons of other people with the help of the following method. One has to place the concentration of the consciousness (the assemblage point, in Juan Matus’ terms) in the area about 50 centimeters behinds one’s own heels. From there one may watch the volume inside the cocoon and begin cleansing it.

Cleansing of the cocoon is an important healing method, because pathogenic energies may reside not in the body but in the cocoon as well.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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