Bubbles of Perception

Practice of the Straight Path: Basic Methods

The concluding knowledge of this chapter would be that the cocoons consist of two unequal parts, which Juan Matus [6,11] called bubbles of perception.

The division of the cocoon into two bubbles of perception takes place at the collarbone level. The upper bubble includes the head and the neck, while the lower one encloses the rest of the body.

In other words, the upper bubble includes the upper dantian, and the lower — the other two and the legs.

The upper bubble is very important for communicating with the material world, while we use the lower bubble for communicating with the non-material one. A practitioner can perceive from them separately either material world or other eons.

The quantitative growth of the consciousness and meditative work are performed primarily by the lower bubble of perception.

The main part of it is the middle dantian, refining in and expanding from which we get closer to Perfection. I emphasize this point again, because this is the most fundamental postulate of the entire psycho-energetical work, and any deviation from this mainstream results in prolonged straggling and in wasting of very precious time of our short stay in bodies here.

Harmonious development of the lower dantian (hara), which is the second important component of the lower bubble of perception, is also absolutely essential for meditative achievements. But regarding this structure as the basis for spiritual growth, which is typical of many schools of martial arts, is a gross mistake.

The overall energy structure of the body can also be considered as consisting of 4 vertical segments. But talking about it in practical terms makes sense only at significantly more advanced stages of spiritual development.

* * *

Such exercises not only change us in the needed direction, but the attitude of other people towards us also changes. We become pleasant to communicate with as well as just to be around. People start coming to us for spiritual advice too. I have witnessed a great number of such transformations.

… Two interesting cases come to my mind.

Once, after a class that I conducted, a woman came up to me and complained: well, you are saying right things about love, but what can I do with my flatmate: he is always irritated; we have not talked together or said hello to each other for years! I answered her: look, why don’t you start pouring your love at him tonight — right through the wall — like in the exercise Cross of Buddha. When she came to the next class, she told this: I did as you recommended and the next morning when I met my flatmate in the kitchen, he smiled to me and said: “Why haven’t we said hello to each other for so many years? Let’s start greeting each other!”

There was another case. A young woman came to take part in a class in tears. I asked her what had happened? She said that she had been on the beach, taking sunbathes and doing the Cross of Buddha. A child had suddenly come up to her and said: ‘Don’t go there; there is a snake!’. ‘Why are you crying then’, I asked. She said, ‘It was the first time in my life that a child came up to me on his own!’

The realization of the functions of the spiritual heart is the first serious step towards God that man can take. It may become the beginning of the Straight Path towards the complete spiritual self-realization, towards Perfection, towards Mergence with God in the aspect of the Creator.

* * *

It is most convenient to perform the exercises with the chakras and the following meditative training in standing position or even when walking.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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