Pranava. “Birth” and “Maturing” in the Holy Spirit

Practice of the Straight Path: Higher Methods

Speaking in the terms that Jesus Christ used when teaching His disciples-apostles, the baptism in the Holy Spirit is the latihan meditation that we described above.

But the next, deeper, stage of cognizing Him — “birth” and “maturing” in Him — is performed in another meditation called Pranava. This was exactly what Jesus tried to talk about with Nicodemus (John 3:1-21). Philip the Apostle spoke in detail about the same in the parable manner [6,11].

To perform this meditation, we need to find a place auspicious from the energetic standpoint, which would be open, without houses and trees (it can be a beach or sandbank, steppe, mountains, etc.). At this place, we exit from anahata through chitrini as far back as possible, expand as a consciousness there, feel the Living Light of Love of the Holy Spirit — and, having infused ourselves into Him, start moving forward together with Him as one Flow passing by and through the body. The body is as if in a huge river. Let it get washed through and become absolutely transparent.

This meditation can be repeated many times: the Holy Spirit is always happy to help the worthy ones. Performing the meditation will be easier if it is accompanied by the wonderful Orthodox prayer-meditation Heavenly Tsar or the mantra AUM.

This meditation can be translated from the Church Slavonic language like this:

“Heavenly Tsar, the Consoler, the Spirit of Truth!

“Omnipresent and All-pervading!

“Treasury of all good and Source of all life!

“Come and abide in us!

“And cleanse us of all impurity!

“And save our souls, oh Blissful One!”

We sing this meditation while moving in Pranava.

The mantra AUM (or OM) in reality sounds like AOUM. One should sing it delicately, in a prolonged manner and in a high-pitched voice (just like the mantra for anahata), also while moving in Pranava. (Growling of the OM sound in coarse voices, which is practiced in some ignorant pseudo-religious companies — is a “singing for the devil” but not for the Holy Spirit).

In the future we have to learn to stop in the Pranava meditation being merged with the Holy Spirit and being aware of ourselves as a part of Him.

The Holy Spirit can be cognized in His more subtle manifestation. One does it also in the Pranava meditation, but performed in a slightly different way.

This time we exit back from anahata not horizontally but down at an angle of approximately forty degrees. In other words, we find ourselves below the Earth surface — and discover there a layer of more subtle Living Light. And then, just as we did while performing the first variant of the Pranava meditation, we start moving as a Flow in the forward-upward direction around and through the body.

As we master Mergence with this Light of the Holy Spirit, we may discover that He prevails inside our planet except its core.

One has to explore Him by filling Him with oneself as anahata — both in front and behind the vertical plane, which coincides with the back of the standing body.

The next levels of “birth” and “maturing” are to be performed in the Divine Fire, which we will talk about a little later.

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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