About Self-Healing

Practice of the Straight Path: Higher Methods

If one learns, while performing the Pranava meditation, to stop and concentrate oneself behind the body — one may insert a hand of the consciousness in it and eliminate all energetic disharmonies.

Also, if you are merged with the Holy Spirit and concentrate at about 2 meters behind your body — then from this position you may become capable of seeing and controlling demons (non-incarnate people or animals with evil character traits) that may be living in human bodies. If you look in this manner through your own body at the body of a possessed person, it becomes possible to talk to these demons, which cannot ignore the Holy Spirit’s questions and must respond. They will tell why God sent them into the body of this person: what are his or her faults and karmic liabilities. If the patient realizes his or her problems, repents and improves — you may ask the spirits (in a kind way!) to move to some other place, where they would feel good. For example, you may ask a fish which the patient killed a long time ago, to go live in a lake, if it is a bird — you may talk it into moving to the forest, in case of a pig or a dog you may describe in glowing terms how great it would be for them to incarnate again in auspicious conditions, etc.

All spirits are under the control of the Holy Spirit and obey Him. But in order to succeed in doing this type of healing, one has to never leave the state of the Holy Spirit.

This kind of healing is an opposite of the attempts to drive out demons by hating and cursing them during special sessions (these methods are called exorcism). This is not only ineffective from the standpoint of healing, but it also results in coarsening of those exorcists and thus determines hell to be their abode after they leave their bodies. Such “demons exhorting sessions” belong to the realm of black magic; they are anti-Christian in essence: for Jesus Christ taught love, not hate.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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