The Root

Practice of the Straight Path: Higher Methods

The Divine Fire can be also cognized in another way: It is always present in that part of our planet from which its creation began — its core.

The baptism in the Divine Fire can be accepted there as well. And by moving deeper in the multidimensionality scale — under the Fiery component of the planet’s core — one can get into the highest spatial dimension and cognize the Primordial Consciousness there for the first time.

For every one of us, the passage to the Abode of the Creator is the energy root that connects the anahata chakra with the highest spatial dimension. By passing along this root, those who accumulated proper amount of power in subtlety and learned to enter the highest lokas can cognize God-the-Father.

Krishna was talking about the root in the Bhagavad Gita.

Chinese Taoists work with this structure, calling it “the stem of the golden flower”.

Through this root Tibetan yogis using tummo methods raise Divine Fire to the body [22,27].

One may also find mentioning of the same structure in Agni Yoga (Leaves of the Morya’s Garden. Call [40]).

God suggested a meditative image for working with the root through the apostle Paul for us (Romans 11:18).

But the majority of people are sure that deep inside the Earth there is… hell and that God is… “up there” (relative to our round-shaped planet)…

… I see that for a materialist it is hard to imagine that someone can get to the center of the Earth: since the Earth is associated with something “solid” in the mind.

But the one who has advanced on the spiritual Path and mastered entering the highest — the subtlest — eons, sees our planet as a multi-layer sphere of Living Light-Love where one can move from one layer (eon) to another, dissolve oneself in each of them, collect oneself into an individual consciousness again, accept various forms of different sizes, as well as flow beyond the “islet” of our planet into the Universal Ocean of the Infinity and dissolve in It…

But in order to make this happen, one has to become free from the tamas guna, to move through rajas and sattva, and then to come to the direct communication with God — as an immortal consciousness free from the chains of the body, full of zeal for mergence with the Main Beloved.

In reality, this religious Path, which God calls Straight Path (Vajrayana), does not even slightly resemble any ritual religious form where people fear death of their bodies and mourn over those who left their bodies already, where they love themselves and are enslaved by their gluttony so much that they consider killing animals and eating their bodies their inherent right…

… It does not matter where we cognize God in His Fiery form for the first time: be it through the Fiery core of our planet or in a Fiery Mahadouble. But it is necessary to go through both.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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