Entering the Abode of the Creator

Practice of the Straight Path: Higher Methods

The Universal Abode of the Creator is saturated with the state of His Great Tender Peace. The shine in the Abode resembles the state of calm and warm delicate morning sunlight.

This state is opposite to the “black world” of the devil eon saturated with “sticky” coarseness and spite; getting stuck in it gives one a false sensation of rude and violent might… This can tempt someone… But we do not need this!

The Abode of the Creator is not a Void in the literal sense of this word. Void (Vacuum) is just an incorrect translation of the Buddhist term that reflected the Reality somewhere in the past. And this incorrect translation led many people into temptation — both non-Buddhists and those who consider themselves Buddhists.

It does look absurd for a sound religious person: to aspire not to God but to the Void… Therefore, numerous followers of Buddhist tradition get lost in the “Buddhistic” terminological labyrinths, and having no correct understanding of the Truth, lose an incentive to strive for the Primordial Consciousness.

As a result, the “house” of Buddhism collapsed with time into numerous sects, the majority of which do not have the highest knowledge.

But the term Void should be translated in a different way — in this case everything becomes easy to understand for a warrior who stands on a Threshold of the Abode of Adibuddha.

… The Abode of the Creator is on the other side of a miraculous barrier, which can be compared to a mirror. His Abode is truly in the Transmirror Realm*. In order to take worthy disciples in there, a Divine Teacher gives them His or Her Mahadouble as a Yidam. And there, where the Mahadouble comes out from, the disciples can merge in Love with the Father of the Universe and gradually cognize His Total Cosmic Universal Greatness…

… This state is quite reversible. The only distinct feature of the body of the person who become established in the Abode is that the Light of Love constantly shines out of it and it carries a field of Calm around itself.

Spiritual warriors feel themselves guests in the Abode first. But then the next phase begins — the phase of serving as the Holy Spirit, as a Representative of God-the-Father.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


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