Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

15. Since ancient times, those capable of achieving spiritual Enlightenment cognized hidden and hardly cognizable small and large steps of this Path.

Such seekers were hard to recognize. Let me outline their appearance: they were cautious like a man crossing a river in winter, they were circumspect because they were wary of strangers, they were alert because they knew that one’s time on the Earth is limited, they were watchful as if they walked on melting ice, they were simple, they were vast like a dale, they were hidden from idle looks.

They were those who, in calm, could transform dirty into pure.

They were those who contributed to the Evolution of Life.

They worshipped Tao and were satisfied with little in the world of matter. Not desiring much, they were satisfied with what they had and did not seek more.

16. Make emptiness* in yourself complete and achieve full calm! Let everything around you move by itself! Let everyone bloom spiritually and advance to cognition of their true Essence**!

Those who have cognized their true Essence achieve full calm. Thus they attain the common Abode of All Those Who Have Attained***.

One’s presence in this Abode has to become constant. The One Who has fulfilled this goal is called Enlightened, Perfect, possessing the Higher Wisdom.

Those Who have attained that Abode represent the United We, which is the Highest Ruler. That Abode is also called Heaven****. This is the Abode of Eternal Tao.

Tao is non-corporeal. It cannot be caught by anyone. Thus, It is invincible.

17. The Highest Ruler provides all Its people with the possibility to develop the consciousness. But It does not seek to reward them with something worldly. It also does not try to make people fear It.

Those who believe foolishly do not know about this. But those who have cognized It do not believe foolishly any more.

This truth is so profound!

Having achieved success, I go further, and a greater understanding about Everything opens up to me.

Here it means the meditative state Nirodhi. In this state, the individual “I” completely disappears, dissolving in Tao.

*Atman, Higher Self, Tao.

**The Abode of the Creator.

***Or Heavens.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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