Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

18. If people in a country deny Great Tao, they begin to talk about ‘humanism’ and ‘justice’… But in this situation, these talks are nothing more than hypocrisy!

In a similar way, when there is discord in the family, then there arise demands of “filial obedience” and “parental love”…

And when in a whole country there is such disarray, there appear slogans of “patriotism” and “love for the motherland”…

19. When falsity and hypocrisy of this kind are removed, people are much happier. Falsity, aspiration to wealth, theft, and cruelty towards living beings disappear when people possess true knowledge. It is so because the reason for all people’s vices is a lack of knowledge. It is knowledge that makes people understand that it is in their personal interest to be simple and kind, to control one’s own worldly desires, and to liberate oneself from pernicious passions.

20. Cease to adhere to the objects to which you are attached, and you will be free from sorrow and self-pity! Only by living so can one find the true Base (Tao) in life! Isn’t this goal worthy of renouncing common beliefs and habits?

So great is the difference between good and evil!

Do not do anything undesired unto others. With this single principle, one can reduce chaos and establish order in society.

But now… all people indulge in vanity and society is immersed in chaos…

I alone stay calm and do not elevate myself over people. I am similar to a child who was not born in this world of vanity…

All people are bound by worldly desires. I alone have abandoned everything that they value. I am indifferent to this.

All people live in their egocentrism. I alone chose to get rid of it.

I flow as a Stream of Consciousness in Space and do not know when I will stop…

I cognize Tao in my heart! It is so subtle!

I differ from others by valuing That Which created our lives.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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