Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

25. Oh That Which was born before the sky and the earth were created, living in calm, having no form, the Subtlest, the Only Existing, Abiding everywhere, Boundless, Invincible, the Mother of everything! You are called Tao. I call You also the Greatest, That Which is eternal in Its infinite development!

Man, earth, and sky depend on Tao. But Tao exists by Itself.

26. Hard work allows one to achieve an easy life in the future.

Yet, we also know that calm is the main thing in movement.

Therefore, the wise work hard all day long and do not avoid hard work. Nevertheless, they stay in the state of perfect calm.

They can even live in luxury and do not get depraved by it.

Why is the owner of 10,000 chariots haughty and disdains the entire world? Disdain destroys the soul!

And the absence of calm leads to the loss of the Base!

27. The one who knows the Path can find the right direction even if there is no treaded trail. The one who can speak does not make mistakes. The one who can count does not miscount. The best treasury has no lock, yet no one can open it. The best fetters are those which bind by nothing material, yet cannot be broken.

The wise can save people and save them constantly. The wise can help and do not leave anyone in trouble without help. Thus acts the deep wisdom!

The wise also instruct people of evil so that such people can find the Base.

But if people of evil do not value this help and do not like the Base, the wise leave them: the wise do not value relations with such people.

This principle is very important!

28. If you are brave, be humble! And then the entire nation will follow you.

If you become a leader among people, let Great Te be your Guide. And be a pure, gentle, and subtle soul, like a child!

Abiding in good, do not forget about the existence of evil! And be an example of righteousness for everyone!

The one who becomes such an example for everyone does not differ by the quality of the soul from Great Te and moves then to Mergence with Eternal Tao.

Such a person — though knowing about personal achievements and merits — stays unknown, and thus becomes a wise leader.

It is favorable that such a wise person be a leader among people, then there will be order in such a country.

29. Some people have a great desire to rule the entire world, and they try to succeed in this aspiration. I do not see how it can be possible, since the world is a container of wonderful, invincible Tao! And no one can rule Tao!

The one who aspires to this will fail for sure!

Everyone has a choice: to oppose the harmonious flow of events or to follow it. The former struggle and lose strength, the latter bloom in harmony and strengthen.

The wise never aspire to power, surfeit, luxuries, prodigality.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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