Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

34. The Eternal Tao pervades everything. It is present to the left and to the right. Thanks to It, souls arise, live, and develop.

Though Tao is so Great and performs so great work, It does not seek to glorify Itself.

It raises all beings with love. It does not exert violence over them. It does not insist that people realize Its desires.

It is Great, though It does not insist on this.

Wise people aspire to It, to the Great!

35. All the Perfect Ones merge into Great Tao.

Follow this Path! By doing so you will not harm yourself, on the contrary, you will achieve calm, harmony, and the fullness of life.

I, in the state of non-doing, travel in the Infinity of Tao. One cannot convey this with words! Tao is the Most Subtle and Blissful!

36. Worldly passions make man weak. Resoluteness fills man with power!

Worldly passions cripple man. Resoluteness elevates man and strengthens the consciousness!

Worldly passions enslave man. Resoluteness makes man free!

That which is dispassionate, gentle, and yielding conquers that which is passionate, hard, and coarse!

37. Tao does not act directly in the world of matter.* Yet the entire Creation is a product of Its creativity.

Act in the same manner, and all the living will develop in a natural way!

When you live with simplicity, without paying attention to gossip and to hostile attitudes, and in harmony with Tao, then you come to the state when you have no attachments and passions!

The absence of worldly desires brings one to the state of inner calm, and then everything around comes in order.

*  It is Te that acts.

To be continue.

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One Response to “Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching”

  1. Jd Says:

    Thank you!
    What does resoluteness mean here?

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