Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

38. Those representing Great Te do not force Themselves to do good deeds: behaving righteously is natural for Them.

Those who are far from Te may try to force themselves to perform good deeds: righteousness is not natural for them.

Those representing Great Te do not aspire to activity in the world of matter: They act in the state of non-doing.

Those who are far from Te live in vanity and act under the influence of their passions. In the religious aspect of life, their activity is reduced only to rituals, but believing in the “magic” of rituals signifies the degradation of religion! Also, such people force others to act like them.

This happens only to those who do not have Tao in their lives. They cannot be trusted. They have betrayed Tao and can betray anyone.

The wise who have cognized Tao are capable of distinguishing people by these features. They choose to communicate only with people of goodness.

39. There are Those Who have been living in Unity with Tao since ancient times. Thanks to Them, the sky is pure and the earth is stable, nature is gentle and rivers are full of water, valleys are covered with flowers, all living beings multiply, and the heroes of the spiritual Path are paragons of virtue. All this is provided by Those Who Have Achieved the Unity!

If They did not help, then the sky would cease to be pure and the earth would crack all over, nature would cease giving its beauty to all the living, valleys would stop blooming and turn into deserts, all living beings would stop multiplying and disappear, and the heroes of the spiritual Path would not be paragons of virtue and would be ridiculed and banished…

People are a base for their rulers. Therefore, those earthly rulers who elevate themselves do not have a strong base. This happens because they do not consider people as their base. It is their mistake.

If you disassemble the chariot which you ride, what would you be left with?

Do not regard yourself as precious jasper! Be simple, as common stone!

40. The interaction of opposites is the sphere of Tao’s activity.

The Highest Subtlety is one of the most important qualities of Tao. It is opposed by coarse qualities of evil people.

All the development of incarnate beings happens with the interaction of these opposites.

However, the world of matter originated from the Subtlest Source

41. The wise, having learned about Tao, aspire to self-realization in It.

The unwise, having learned about Tao, sometimes remember about It and sometimes forget.

Foolish people, having learned about Tao, ridicule It. They regard Those who have cognized Tao as insane… They regard the wisdom as insanity…, the higher justice as vice…, the righteousness as depravity…, the great truth as false…

Yes, the great square has no corners, the great sound cannot be heard, the great image cannot be seen…

Yes, Tao is hidden from idle looks. It leads only those to Perfection who are worthy of it!

42. Once, One came out from Tao. He took with Himself Two others. Those Two took Three others. And They all began to create various forms of life on the planet.*

All creatures are subdivided into pairs of the opposite — yin and yang — and are filled with the chi energy. All further development comes from their interactions.

Everyone is afraid of loneliness and views it as suffering. This concerns earthly rulers as well.

They care only about themselves and refuse to help others.

However, the correct decision is to dedicate oneself to caring about others, thereby forgetting about oneself.

Wise spiritual seekers, who dedicate their lives to the good of all, will not be conquered by death. I prefer these words to all the other precepts of all the sages!

Those Who have attained Tao are merged into One in It.

*  Lao Tse tells here about several Holy Spirits (Te) Who guided the evolution of souls on our planet.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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