Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

47. The wise cognize the world without leaving home. Without looking from a window, they see Primordial Tao. To learn more, they do not need to travel far.

The wise do not travel, yet know everything. They do not look, yet can describe everything. They seem to be non-acting, yet achieve everything.

In the heart, they find everything that is necessary.*

This is why the wise know the things which cannot be reached by walking. And they can see that which is invisible to the common eye.

48. They who learn increase their knowledge every day. They who serve Tao decrease their worldly desires. By constantly decreasing worldly desires, one can achieve non-doing.

Only in non-doing one can master all the mysteries of the universe! Without non-doing, one cannot achieve this.

49. The wise have no selfish motives. They live in caring about others.

To good people I do good, to the unkind I also wish good. This is the goodness of Te.

With honest people I am honest, with the dishonest I am also honest. This is the honesty of Te.

The wise live in calm in their country. Yet, in the same land, other people live: both good and evil, honest and dishonest, reasonable and foolish, selfish and selfless, those listening to Tao and those denying It.

The wise view people as their children.

*   Here the author means not the physical but spiritual heart, developed through the methods of Buddhi Yoga to a large size. Inside this heart one cognizes Tao. From this heart one finds ways leading to other beings.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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