Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

50. People are born on the Earth and die. Out of ten, about a third continue onto paradisiacal existence, a third go to hell by the path of death, and a third are those who have not succeeded in the development of the soul due to attachments to worldly affairs.

Those who have mastered the true life while living on the Earth are not afraid of rhinoceros or tigers, in the battle they are not afraid of armed soldiers. A rhinoceros has no place to plunge its horn into them, a tiger has no place to fasten its claws onto them, a soldier has no place to stab them with a sword. It is so because to them there is no death!*

51. Tao creates beings, Te nurses them, raises them, helps them to develop, to mature, takes care of them and supports them.

These beings grow (as souls), develop, and achieve Perfection.

Therefore, there is no person who would not be obliged to worship Tao and Te.

Tao and Te coerce no one, They give to all beings the possibility to develop according to one’s own freedom of will, in a natural way.

To produce without owning the products, to create without boasting, to be older than others and yet not command them, these are the principles of life of Great Te.

52. Everything in the material world has its Source, Which is the Mother of the material world.

When the Mother is cognized, it is easier to recognize Her Children**.

Knowing the Children, one should not forget about the Mother. Then one lives life without troubles.

If one abandons personal desires and becomes free from worldly passions, then such a one lives without getting tired.

On the other hand, if one indulges in passions and becomes immersed in worldly affairs, then troubles are unavoidable.

To see the Subtlest is the true clearness of vision.

The preservation of the subtlety of the consciousness ensures true power.

Contemplate the Light of Tao! Cognize Its Depths! It is the true Treasure! Do not lose It, and you will avoid many troubles!

53. The one who possesses the true knowledge walks the Straight Path.

The only thing that I am afraid of is to be absorbed in vanity.

The Straight Path is absolutely even. Yet, people prefer… meandering trails.

If earthly rulers direct all their attention to the luxury of their palaces, then weeds overgrow fields and granaries become empty. Such earthly rulers wear luxurious clothes and sharp swords, they are not satisfied with simple food, they accumulate too much wealth for themselves. This is equal to a robbery and is a violation of the principles of life that are suggested by Tao.

54. By cognizing yourself, you cognize others. Help others, and you will cognize everything.

The one who can stand firmly cannot be overturned. The one who can lean against a support cannot be knocked down. Yes, such a person will be remembered by descendants!

When you achieve a similar stability in Tao, you will shine on other people with Its Light like the rising sun!

Try to provide help in this to your family, to people living in your country and everywhere! By doing this you will gain great power of the consciousness!

How have I cognized it? By doing this…

*   The one who has become a large spiritual heart (with the help of the methods of Buddhi Yoga) or has even merged with Tao, quite naturally feels oneself as non-corporeal. Such a person — as a large consciousness — cannot be wounded by animals or weapons. Such a One is Immortal.

**   Te.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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