Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

55. Those who live in Mergence with Great Te are pure like newborn babies. Poisonous insects do not sting them, snakes do not bite them, wild animals and birds do not attack them. They have refined the consciousnesses and are firmly merged with Tao.

They evaluate people not by their gender or by other outer qualities, but by looking at people’s essence: at the souls.

They also perceive others as integral parts of the Whole*, in Unity.

And They possess the ability to initiate spiritual growth in people.

They can preach all day long without straining their voice because They stay in constant Mergence with Tao!

In this way, They live in happiness!

Common people, having reached the prime of life, immediately begin to fade in old age. It happens because they have not achieved Mergence with Tao.

56. The truth cannot be conveyed only through words! The one who does not understand this cannot fully understand this treatise!**

Those who abandon personal desires, become free from worldly passions, reduce personal needs, achieve clear understanding, do not aspire to glory, stay in the subtlest state of the consciousness represent Primordial and Deepest Tao.

They cannot be tempted, offended, forced, or persuaded to glorification. No one can harm Them!

They shine like the sun! They are like a source that everyone can drink from!

They are the Highest Treasure among people!

57. From Tao originates calm, harmony, and justice.

Yet, among people, there is selfishness, guile, falsity, violence…

One can enter Tao only through non-doing.

When people aspire to accumulation of a multitude of unnecessary things, they become poor spiritually.

When they produce too many weapons, then robbery and disorder unavoidably arise.

When crafty masters direct all their efforts at creating material valuables, then miraculous phenomena cease to happen in such a country.

When laws and repressions become too strict, then the number of unsatisfied people and opposition grows.

This is why the wise abandon vanity and let everything happen by itself.

One has to begin to change the world by changing oneself. If I aspire to quietness and calm, others become calm observing me. If I do not aspire to possessing many material boons, people around me begin to be satisfied with little. If I live without worldly attachments and passions, people around me come to simplicity and naturalness of life.

58. If earthly rulers rule in calm and harmony, people too are calm and peaceful. And they do not aspire to anything outside this wellbeing…

On the contrary, if earthly rulers act with irritation and aggressiveness, then people begin to suffer. Then wellbeing is replaced with troubles and calamities. And people begin to seek the way out, and some of them find it by coming to non-doing and becoming immersed into the Light of Infinite Tao. Thus luck and happiness may result from affliction.

As we can see, happiness and unhappiness give birth to each other…

The wise are always calm, gentle, and just. They do not want to take something away from others. They are selfless and do not harm anyone. They are honest and live in harmony with Tao, with nature, and with other people.

They are bright but do not glitter.

59. In order to serve Tao successfully by helping other people, one needs the ability to preserve and to accumulate the power of the consciousness. This requires renouncing everything that wastes this power.

Such a renunciation at the higher stages of the Path helps one to grow one’s own Power of Te, which can become inexhaustible and can help one to cognize Tao completely.

And Tao is the Eternal and Infinite Primordial Foundation of every man and of the entire material world. The way that unites man with this Foundation is called root.

60. The activity of Tao and Te in relation to numerous individual souls of different ages can be likened to cooking a meal of many ingredients in a large cauldron.

For realization of the destinies of most people, which they deserve, Tao and Te use spirits, some of these spirits may be of lower levels of development.

But if one approaches Tao by the quality of the soul, then such a person goes beyond the sphere of influence of these spirits.

*   Of the Absolute. (More details can be found in [6]).

**   One can fully understand the truth only by realizing, in practice, everything that is described here.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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