Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

61. The Great Kingdom of Tao* is located as if behind the mouth of a river.

The Ocean is below all rivers, and all rivers flow into It.

The Ocean is calm and patient. It waits for Those approaching It and entering It.

The Ocean is a Great Kingdom. But on the Earth there are only small kingdoms composed of people.

The Great Kingdom takes care of satisfying all those who enter It.

So, let the rulers of small kingdoms take care that all their people be satisfied.

Then all people will receive everything that they want, both in the Great Kingdom and in the small kingdoms.

And let us remember that the Great always has to be below all.

62. Tao is the deepest Base of everything. It is the Treasure of those aspiring to It. But it also acknowledges the existence of evil people.

Yes, one has to preach to all people about purity and kind behavior. However, are not evil people necessary?

They help one to cognize the ephemerality of worldly treasures and the illusiveness of hopes for eternally staying on the Earth in one’s present body.

In interaction with them, people of goodness make efforts in changing themselves on the Path to Tao in order to become as far from evil as possible. After all, in order to become unreachable for evil, one must perform concrete actions on developing oneself as a consciousness…**

Many people would not strive to become better if evil people did not “help” them!

Earthly rulers, who possess absolute power, and their servants value their jewelry and luxurious chariots. However, in reality, they are not better than those living in solitude and calm and walking the Deepest Path to Tao! Wouldn’t it be better for those earthly rulers to start leading a calm life and to dedicate it to cognition of Tao?

People say that in ancient times no one aspired to worldly wealth, and criminals were not executed. In those ancient times, people worshipped Tao…

63. Rid yourself of the vanity of the mind and unnecessary deeds, keep calm, and be satisfied with simple food!

Thus one begins walking the Path towards cognition of Great Tao, Which is the One Whole consisting of many Great Souls.

There are also many small souls that get incarnated in bodies.

Having cognized this, the wise know that one should requite hatred with good.

Start difficult work with an easy beginning. Every great work consists of small components. In this way—gradually—one fulfills great tasks.

If someone promises to perform great work quickly, such a person cannot be trusted…

But the wise never start “great undertakings” in the world of matter! This is why they can perform great work in the spiritual world. It is not hard for them.

64. It is easy to help those who have mastered harmony.

It is easy to show the way to a seeker who has not found it yet. However, one has to remember that a weak person can easily fall off the Path. The one who is a weak soul will run away from difficulties.

It is better to begin constructing where you do not need to destroy old walls. It is better to introduce spiritual knowledge where you are not attacked by angry and foolish people.

And then, a great tree grows from a small sapling, a nine-story tower begins to be constructed from a handful of earth, a journey of a thousand li begins with one step.

In the world of matter, entrepreneurs go bankrupt, owners of property lose it. This is why the wise do not act like this and thus do not suffer failures. They possess nothing and thus have nothing to lose.

The wise do not live in worldly passions, do not strive to gain something material that requires much effort. They live in natural simplicity and are satisfied with what is refused by other people.

They walk the Path to Tao.

In other terms — the Abode of the Creator.

*Such examples are given further in this book.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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