Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

65. Those who have cognized Tao do not show off in front of the ignorant. They also refuse to “rule the crowd”, and therefore they can continue personal development and helping deserving people.

Confidential higher knowledge about the methods of the development of the consciousness can be harmful to people who are not ready to receive it.

The wise, who know about this and act according to this knowledge, become examples for others.

Thus acts Great Te.

In order to understand this, one has to recognize that Great Te is the Opposite of evil people. For such people, Great Te is located at an unreachable distance.

This is what Great Te is! It possesses the Highest Power and takes care of all the multitude of living beings! It unites and separates people, It controls everything! It is the Ruler deserving the strongest love and respect!

By learning from It, you will achieve the highest wellbeing!

66. Great rivers are so powerful because they flow down into the sea, accumulating in themselves water from the entire neighborhood.

The wise who desire to help people have to put themselves below others. This is why despite being superior, they are not a burden to people, and people do not harm them. People gladly follow them and do not turn away from them.

They do not compete with anyone, and therefore they are unconquerable.

They constantly advance further, yet people do not envy them.

They do not struggle against anyone, and thus no one in the whole world can force them to act against their will.

67. Tao is Great and has no equals or anything similar to It!

It resides so deeply and is so subtle that no one can catch It or force It to do something!

I possess three treasures which I value: the first is benevolence, the second is frugality, and the third is that I am not ahead of others. I am benevolent, thus I can be brave. I am frugal, thus I can be generous. I am not ahead of others, thus I can be a wise leader.

The one who is brave without love, generous without frugality, who tries to be ahead of others and pushes others away, such a person suffers failure.

On the contrary, the one who is full of love achieves victory and becomes unconquerable because Tao constantly guards such a person.

68. A wise leader is never bellicose. A wise soldier never gets angry. The one who can win does not attack first. The one who can lead people does not humiliate them but puts oneself in a lower position.

Such are the laws of Te that reject anger, self-praise, and violence. This is the way of acting of Those Who represent Te and guide people to Primordial and Eternal Tao.

69. Military art teaches: I do not begin first, I have to wait. I do not advance even an inch, but rather retreat a foot. This is called acting without action, winning without violence. In this case, I have no enemies, thus, I can avoid wasting power.

There is no affliction worse than hating enemies! Hatred towards enemies is the path leading to the loss of the most important — Tao!

Therefore, those who avoid battles come out victorious.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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