Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

70. My words are easy to understand and to realize. Yet, many people cannot understand them and cannot realize them.

Behind my words, there is the Origin of everything. But those people do not know It, thus they do not understand me.

The one who has cognized Tao is quiet and unnoticeable, though behaves with dignity. Such a person wears simple clothes and hides the treasure* within.

71. The one who possesses knowledge and keeps silence about it is honorable.

The one who has no knowledge, yet pretends knowing,… is not healthy.

Those who are wise heal themselves. The wise never fall ill because they rid themselves of the causes of illnesses. They abide in Tao. How can they be ill then?

72. The one who lives with fear cannot become strong. The strength of the consciousness can only be gained if one lives without fear.

Also, rid yourself of the ability to despise others! The one who despises others is despicable in front of Tao!

Rid yourself of violence in relations with others! The one who does violence to others will be subjected to violence.

Renounce the ability to deceive people! The one who deceives others deceives oneself.**

Live in love!

Do not strive to show yourself off! The one who has cognized one’s own Higher Essence is not engaged in self-admiration and does not elevate oneself above others.

The one who has gotten rid of egocentrism gains an opportunity to achieve Tao.

73. The one who is brave and bellicose will be killed. The one who is brave but is not bellicose will live.

What is the reason for disliking bellicose people? Even a sage has difficulty explaining it.

Great Tao abides in calm, It does not fight against anyone. It wins without violence.

Great Tao is silent, yet It answers questions and comes to those who call It.

In calm, Great Tao controls everything.

Great Tao selects worthy people for Itself.

74. It makes no sense to threaten to kill a person who is not afraid of death.

But the one who threatens others with death and takes pleasure in this will be destroyed.

The theme of life and death is under the control of Tao alone. No one is allowed to control it instead of Tao! The one who decides to do such a thing only harms oneself.

*   Wisdom.

**  Because such a person does not take into account God and His principles of the formation of people’s destinies.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present


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