Agni Yoga: God

The main Aspect of God is the Primordial Universal Consciousness dwelling in Its Abode, in Agni Yoga this Abode is called the Infinity. God can be viewed also as the Father and Mother of everything existing. It is a Unity of Many — a Merged Whole of all the Perfect Ones, Who, as Consciousnesses, flowed into God. This “United Consciousness rules the entire world” [2]. People call It differently in different languages: God, the Creator, Jehovah, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Mother of the World, Adibuddha, Svarog, etc., yet It is one for all beings of the universe.

The structure of the universe is multidimensional. It is represented by the strata (eons, lokas) of multidimensionality. The strata of multidimensionality differ by the level of subtlety. They are inhabited by consciousnesses of different levels of evolutionary development. The subtler the consciousness is — the higher is the layer where it dwells.

The highest subtlety is represented by the Primordial Consciousness, which dwells in the highest, primordial layer.

The Path of the evolutionary ascent is the path of the refinement of the consciousness and establishing it in higher and higher levels of subtlety.

And “the Infinity is the acme of human capabilities” [1].

“… Speaking of the Infinity, let us not imagine it as something void…, but (let us know it) as something filled with (Him Who lives in) incessant (evolutionary) ascent” [2].

So, individual consciousnesses dwell as if on the steps of a multidimensional stairway. It is to the summit of this stairway that everyone has to aspire. This stairway does not lead us upward but into the depth of the multidimensional Creation — into the Creator. The Guide on this Path is “the Consciousness of the Highest Spirit (Which) is intense Fire” [2].

“The Forces of the Hierarchy* are represented by two worlds: the Guiding Principle (Ishvara) and the Principle fulfilling the Great Will (Brahman, the Holy Spirit), They are One Source” [3].

“The entire power of creativeness is based on the Hierarchy. Only with full awareness of Great Service, can one understand the beauty of Spirit and the might of the Hierarchy. Space summons you to the fulfillment of the great law!…” [2]

“… Only full understanding of Great Service can imbue disciples with the aspiration to the Hierarchy. When the creativity of the (human) spirit encompasses Great Service, all paths to Us become open.” [2]

“(Say): ‘I love You, O Lord, and I am devoted to You, O Master, and I revere You, Teacher!’… — Thus, with devotion one can open new locks.

“… Verily, if you are constantly aware of the presence of God in your lives, you already know the shortest path to Us.

“… Be aflame in your hearts and create with love!” [2]

*   In the works of the Roerichs, the term Hierarchy means an aggregate of Hierarchs Who constitute the Primordial Consciousness and manifest Themselves in the form of Brahman (Holy Spirit).

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Vladimir Antonov



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