Agni Yoga: Path to God — Ethics

The meaning of human life consists in the growth of individual consciousnesses [2], that have to develop and merge ultimately into the Creator.

First everyone develops in the usual worldly activity. One’s quick advancement becomes possible with the development of an intense aspiration to empirical cognition of God.

This aspiration has to become passionate, “fiery” — then such a person receives full support of the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light.

“… On the Fiery Path there is no loneliness nor emptiness, there is only a breaking away from the earthly world and an irresistible attraction to the Fiery world!” [3]

“The daring ones know that the joy of spirit is found only in achievement. Thus they do not seek recognition from others, for their achievement is a crown woven by labor and striving!

“Only the heroes of spirit know the true attainment!

“Thus the daring ones will be freed from the selfhood. They know true service for the good of humanity.

“On the Path to the Fiery world, let us remember daring!” [3]

“Aspiration with the heart to the Lord is the first condition on the Path to the Fiery world!” [3]

The path of advancement through the stages of self-development implies, first of all, an ethical transformation of oneself. It also includes formation of correct, strong aspiration and ridding oneself of such vices as:

— laziness,

— violence,

— capability of deceiving and betraying,

— coarseness,

— selfishness,

— self-service,

— vindictiveness,

— arrogance,

— egocentrism,

— seeking recognition from others,

— capability of entering such coarse emotional states as:

· anger,

· irritation,

· jealousy,

· sorrow,

· feeling offended,

— using bodies of killed animals for food,

— using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Of the positive qualities that have to be developed, the following can be mentioned:

— benevolence,


— faithfulness to God,

— yielding oneself to Him,

— aspiration to cognition of Him and to Mergence with Him,

— striving to help other beings,

— aspiration to creativity,

— selflessness,

— admiring the beautiful,

— energy in the work of service and in self-development,

— control of one’s own emotions, refusal of coarseness, cultivation of subtlety,

— aspiration to knowledge, understanding the meaning of life,

— development of subtle and wise power,

— possessing gratefulness as a quality of the soul,

— careful attitude towards one’s own health, since it is needed for successful spiritual work and service.

It is through such self-development that we make the Divine Fire “non-burning” for ourselves [3].

The most important method of realization of the majority of these ethical principles is the development of the spiritual heart. Opening and growth of the spiritual heart becomes the most important factor, the base of the entire spiritual Path and gives one, among other things, the ability to meditate correctly. And meditation is the main means of the development of the consciousness, practical cognition of God, and Mergence with Him.

Vladimir Antonov

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