Agni Yoga: Path to God — Community

It is better to go to God as a community — a group of like-minded people united by a common higher aspiration.

Only faithful and honest people should be accepted in such a community. On the contrary, those who display laziness, falsity, and capability for betrayal must be dismissed from the work.

The work of the community is studying and discussing the Teachings, providing practical help to each other, in particular through psychoenergetical methods, filling one another with love and kindling hearts with this love, practical classes on aesthetics, on cleansing and development of the energy structures of the organism, meditative practices, etc.

Group psychoenergetical work is much more effective for every member of the community than individual work, because in the former case the group creates a powerful common energy field.

By uniting the consciousnesses in common love, the community members prepare themselves to full Mergence with the Divine Consciousness.

“Our Fiery law ordains mergence of consciousnesses!” [2]

The work of the community members has to be their service to God, it should not be based on selfishness or done for self-profit [3].

The members of the community have to prepare themselves for the meeting with a spiritual Master. Only with the help of such a master, one can cognize passages to the subtlest layers of the multidimensional Absolute, cognize the Hierarchy. Without a Master such a “transmutation” is impossible [1].

“Verily, if you are constantly aware of the presence of God in your lives, you already know the shortest Path to Us.

“People dislike everyday work, for them it means fatigue…

“Whereas, for Us (your) everyday work means development and ascent. It opens the gate to the Infinity.” [2]

Vladimir Antonov

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